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Live from Singapore Expo!

Greetings from Singapore Expo Hall 6B! I’m blogging live from the Singapore Tattoo Show 2010. I wanted to blog earlier in the day but the wireless internet here is downright screwed up!!! It took me 3 hours to get connected to the internet! Unfortunately, it's pretty slow so I can't upload any pictures till I get home later in the evening.

In a few minutes, I will be guest hosting a segment for Tattooink.TV. There are huge in Australia so I’m really excited about doing this. I’m not sure which artist I will be interviewing but it doesn’t really matter. I’m just gonna have fun!

I've got to go but do check back later tonight or tomorrow for pictures from last night's party and Day one of the convention. Bye for now!


  1. Seatched www.bangkokpost.com 2 minutes ago (8th Jan 2010 8.30pm) for your name but got 0 hits. Searched www.bangkokpost.com for tattoo and got 2 articles, 1 on a handphone called htc tattoo and the other on hong kong ladies shrug off tattoo taboo. Cannot find you on bangkok post online as at 8th Jan 2010 8.30pm.

  2. No dude. I mentioned in that comment that it was for the Bangkok Post (print). Meaning, it's for their print edition newspaper. They said they'll snaill mail me a copy of the paper. I'll post it when I get it!


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