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Calender Girls Wanted!!!

Wanna be on a 2011 calender? Well, my friends at Immortal Tattoos are looking for ladies to be part of this tattoo project. If you are selected, not only will you be paid, you'll also get your tattoo done FREE. Here's the message from Immortal Tattoos...

Immortal Tattoos is Looking for 12 Hot Ladies who wanna be inked and featured in our own 2011 CALENDAR !!

Tattoos will be Sponsored by Immortal Tattoos

If you are interested - EMAIL your particulars and few pictures of yourself to -

Terms and Conditions Apply.

You will be tattooed @ NO COST
Minimum of at least 45cm in length of tattoo.
Tattoo is of your own choice but with mixture of the Artist's flavour.

3 models will be paid S$150 and the main top model of the 2011, will be paid $S300. Voters will decide who these models are!!

Why wait? Add - on MSN too !!

1 comment:

  1. that's an awesome ink!!!

    and you were a judge?! omg so cool! fuck i'm so miffed i missed it.

    and yes, you definitely should feel right at home at the convention cos the uninked (or hidden inked in my case) like Naresh and I were soooooo out of place. everyone looked to bloody cool and we were like the high school nerds. hahaha!


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