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Post SingaporeTattoo Show 2010

I spent the whole day in bed yesterday. Sleeping at six in the morning and waking up barely two hours later for four consecutive days in a row can be a killer. Throw in some notorious drinking parties throughout those days and you'll probably not want to see alcohol for awhile. Hah!

From the bottom of my heart, I would like to thank the organizers of Singapore Tattoo Show 2010 ( for bringing me in as the Official Blogger. It's totally whacked to cover an event that's right up my alley. Having me as one of the judges for the 'Best Male & Female Tattoo' was the biggest surprise anyone could give. Thanks Debra and Lorraine!

I had the honour of meeting so many talented and famous artists from all over the world. All the celebrities that were kind enough to attend the convention are such nice people. I'm sure all of you have heard of horror celebrity stories. Those celebs should learn a thing or two from the folks I met. You (Bob Tyrrell, Kim Saigh, Chris Garver, Matt Booth & Tim Hendricks) deserve the many great things that life has lined up for you.

The one awesome thing about the tattoo show is the fact that I felt right at home from day one. It's hard to explain but I hope you'll try to understand. Especially so if you aren't tattooed. When a guy like me walks around Singapore, we get a lot of stares. It's come to a point where I actually enjoy the stares. Hey, I am a public figure after all right? Anyhow, those three days at the expo hall was nice because it was like a gathering of sorts. People were there to appreciate the art. At most times, it felt like one big family!

If I could have one wish for the next tattoo show, it would be for the National Arts Council (NAC) to be involved. It doesn't make sense that NAC isn't supporting this event. After all, it was them who organized SKIN : Intimate Canvas at Km8, Sentosa back in 2007. This tattoo showcase was the first tattoo themed event by a government agency. My question is...were tattoos OKthen and not now? Come on NAC! You know I have a valid point!

To all the friends I made at STS 2010, it was a pleasure meeting you. You guys were great company and I hope to god I'll see you soon. If not soon, next year then!

Last of all, what's working a tattoo convention without getting a tattoo? On the last day at the last hour, Su from Exotic Tattoo hooked me up with a little ink!


  1. If Su's the Su I'm thinking of she did my four-leaf clover on my back a long time ago. She was awesome. She did my mum's tattoo too. Those orchids are pretty!!

  2. Hey neighbour! You finally got the orchids done! =D

  3. Mom has a tattoo too? How cool is that!
    I've attached a photo of Su and I. Is this her?

  4. Yeah...the arm still needs quite a bit more work. Slow and steady wins the race I guess huh?


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