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Day 3 of Singapore Tattoo Show 2010

1.00pm to 2.00pm Autograph signing session with Kim Saigh
2.30pm to 3.30pm Miss Tattoo Asia contest
4.00pm to 5.00pm Best Female and Male Tattoo contest
6.00pm to 7.30pm Tattoo contests Judging
7.30pm to 7.45pm Traditional Borneo Dance performance (Closing Ceremony)
8.00pm Tattoo contests winners announcement and prize ceremony

Besides this, there's loads to see at the convention. I personally love the traditional hand tattoo booths by Borneo, Japan, Singapore and New Zealand. So come and see ok?!

There will be an after party tonight at Supperclub. Join the artists and celebrities as they officially wrap up the biggest tattoo convention in Asia. The party starts at 8pm.
*Cover charge applies



    Posted on 27 Dec 2009 Another underage girl brags about misdeeds: She smokes, buys cigs and plays mahjong <img src="" border="0"/>

    According to her blog, this girl smokes, uses her 'connections' to get hold of cigarettes, and plays mahjong, and all at the tender age of 13. STOMPer Tan is appalled at her behaviour and the way she is living her life.

    Here's what Tan wrote in an email today (Dec 27):

    "I stumbled upon a blog and was amazed by the way this 13-year-old female teenager is leading her life.

    "In the blog, the girl posted about trying to buy cigarettes and smoking. Apparently, the girl not only smokes but has 'connections' to buy cigarettes illegally?

    "Amazingly, her friend tried to stop her from buying cigarettes.

    "Also, is it normal for a girl to be working at 13 years of age? Is this legal?

    "She even plays mahjong at the age of 13.

    "Whats happening to our teenagers? Her wish list is for piercings and tattoos.

    "Teenagers like this are getting more and more common, and I am deeply concerned about our country's future, and the state of our future generations."


    US couple 'tattooed their children with guitar string' <!-- S BO --> <!-- S IIMA --> <img src="" border="0" alt="Tattoo (generic)"/> Tattooing children under 18 is a crime under Georgia state law <!-- E IIMA --> <!-- S SF -->

    A man and woman in the US state of Georgia are facing child cruelty charges after using a homemade device to tattoo six of their children.
    Patty "Jo Jo" Marsh and Jacob Edward Bartels allegedly used a plastic pen fitted with a piece of guitar string to mark the children, aged 10 to 17.
    Unlicensed tattooists and the tattooing of minors are illegal in Georgia.
    Ms Marsh told local media she had not done anything wrong and that the children had asked for the tattoos.
    <!-- E SF -->

    "I'm not breaking the skin. It's going to fade away, it's like a pen mark," she told reporters.
    The children were marked with small black crosses on the skin between their thumb and index finger. One was also tattooed with the words "Mama & Dad".
    Chattooga County Sheriff John Everett said the couple had been reported by the biological mother of some of the children, who noticed the ink marks could not be wiped off.
    "We've never seen anything, or heard of anything like this, in the surrounding counties, or anywhere," he told the WHEC news website, adding that police believe the same improvised needle was used for all the children.
    Mr Bartels and Ms Marsh were released on bail by police, but Ms Marsh said she could not understand the public's reaction.
    "I love my children, we'd never do anything to harm our kids," WHEC quoted her as saying.


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