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Post Birthday 09'

Let me start off this post by saying that I had a fabulous birthday! On Friday night, my wife brought me out to dinner at this Thai joint at Sunshine Plaza. Simply good authentic Thai food that makes you come back for more all the time. Ann will blog about it on the Eat Squad soon. She told me not to eat too much at dinner because a surprise is coming up next. But silly old me stuffed my face with fish cakes, phad thai, prawn fritters and Singha beer.

She was giving me hints all week about where we were going and I kept thinking we were heading to Timbre at the Arts House. Our taxi stopped at the Fullerton Hotel and I thought to myself "OK, now we'll take a looooong walk to Timbre". But she walked straight into the hotel! The SURPRISE was the much talked about Fullerton chocolate buffet!!! The other surprise was William turning up!

The chocolate buffet was excellent man. We ate and ate and there's only so much chocolate a human body can actually consume. After a certain point, you just feel like throwing up! We spent a good two hours feasting on nothing but chocolate. Yummmmmmmy!

We then walked to this Japanese Bar at the Central. The service sucked big time. I know for a fact the manager didn't give a rats ass about us because we ordered a jug of beer and a Pepsi. Bloody piece of shit!! Who the fuck wants to drink a Japanese cocktail anyway??!

Anyway, we got tired of the poor service and headed to Gluttons Bay at the Esplanade. It took us 40 minutes in the rain (I love walking in the rain) to get to the Esplanade. It could have been a lot shorter if the Esplanade wasn't shutdown for the APEC dinner. Thanks APEC! William and I had beers and Nal from the Goodfellas (thanks again bro) joined us for supper. The night ended nicely and low-key as I had planned.

On Saturday night, I met up with the Tattoo boys and girls at this restaurant called Wah Hoe Seafood. I'll like to thank all of you for the kick-ass dinner and the awesome company...

William got me a HP Mini!

The last stop for the night was Timbre at Substation. As usual, we had super duper live music from the Goodfellas!

Thanks for the Waterfall Dina!


  1. Oi! post-birthday man! the walk was 10 mins lah >.<

  2. Nonsense!!! It took us 10 minutes to walk through Boat Quay alone! Next time you walk from Clarke Quay to the Esplanade and I'll time you!!!!

  3. william works at HP issit?! buying everybody HP minis! HAHAHA!

    looks like an awesome birthday bro!

    Ann asked me along for choc buffet but i was stuck at work till late planning for company D&D so sorry i couldn't join you.

    especially for char kway teow at glutton's bay! anyway, will make it up to you! loves!!!

  4. It's a Timbre Tower!!! And remind me to tell the bartender to make it extra super strong the next time you have it cos apparently it didnt affect you that much!!

    Im soooo sorry that I couldnt join you for the choc buffet, I think I would have died shitting chocolate if i had gone!!

    Hope you had a fab birthday love!


    p.s: as i told Ann, you have a year to prepare yourself. You are going on stage to dance on your next birthday!

  5. Shyanne: Hahaha! I'm gonna call him William HP Chia from now on.

    I wished you could have joined us on either day. Missed you lots!

    We'll catch up real soon k!

    Devine Diva Dina: Ok ok. But it's still a waterfall! Err...I had a good buzz after the Timbre Tower. No need to make anything stronger. Give me a 151 shot and I'll be lying on the floor!

    Hahaha...shitting chocolate huh? That's really funny shit!!!

    Ain't no way I'm gonna sing next year. I will protest, resist and kick-up a fuss if that happens!!! I CANNOT SING TO SAVE MY LIFE! How bouts you sing first in February Dina? Then November I'll think about it! =)

  6. Oi. I didnt say sing. I said DANCE. Im sure Ann will gladly volunteer to be the pole.

    Sing?!!? hahahahaha! Hellooo? You are talking to Karaoke Aunty here!

  7. Thanks longjin & Atot!

    divine diva dina: I swear I read sing and not dance. Dancing is even worse!!! Noooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!

    Hmm...why is it that you have never sung at Timbre before? Singing in front of strangers is different from singing in a karaoke room. I'll choose karaoke anytime. =)

  8. Erm...the karaoke joint I'm thinking about is out-of-bounds to ladies. Fuck man, I'm grinning like an idiot now!

  9. hey the pink speedo meant to accompany the belt is here. can u not post fugly photos of me.

  10. Fark!! You can keep it!!!!
    Bro, you always look good what!

  11. ooi Noel. always listen to your wife if she tells you not to stuff yourself at dinner especially if its your birthday. when we women plan for our beloved birthdays, its normally quite something. I am only curious how u managed to eat dinner and still eat all the chocolate at fullerton... BTW... is the chocolate buffet any good. Give me your ratings. thanks :)

  12. Wassup Nekobus! Been a long time since you left a comment here. Hmm, I hardly listen to anyone. It's a disease called "Man". Hahahaha...

    Not only did I have thai food for dinner and the chocolate buffet, I had a good amount of beer too. My tummy wasn't feeling good at the end of the night.

    The chocolate buffet was good. It would have been even better if it was at another venue. I can never get used to fancy high class places. I'm more of a coffeeshop kinda guy as you already know.

    The Fullerton chocolate cake is to die for! It's super yummy! But I must say that the chocolate selection isn't very big. It ain't your normal international buffet kinda size. I guess there's only so much chocolate one can have...


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