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Need a laugh?

My wife was browsing through my blog when she started laughing at this post from 2008. She had a damn good laugh mind you! Here's the image from that post that cracked her up!

I took this screen image from my Stat Counter page. These were all the keywords people searched for before they ended up on my blog... I'm hoping that person was looking for another Noel Boyd!

Here's another two images that made her laugh!

My son Drayden in 20 years??


  1. NOOoooooooooooooooo!! Drayden will be a macho man. Not a fatty bom bom.

  2. I sure hope so! If not, he'll be in the TAF Club.. I can't and won't let that happen!!!!

  3. damn, noel boyd fucking a monkey! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

  4. Hahaha...I really wanna know what that idiot was thinking!

  5. Hey I always wondered why they are called TAF Club as in Trim And Fit Club. Why not the Fit And Trim Club aka FAT Club? Hmmmmmm..

  6. Hahaha...cannot lah!!! They'll be teased by their classmates. Student suicide cases would hit the roof! I think they go through enough already.

    We used to call the TAF Club "Tomorrow Also Fat Club" =)

  7. well OBVIOUSLY they were thinking of your love for primates. you DID used to work at the zoo! (;


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