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A Christmas Carol

You’ll know it’s that special time of the year when Christmas themed movies hits the theaters. I knew I was in for a treat when I was invited to write an advertorial for ‘A Christmas Carol’. To be honest, I showed up at Plaza Singapura GV for the media screening last night not knowing this was an animated movie. What did I think of this movie? I’ll tell you in a short bit…

Directed by Robert Zemeckis, this 3-D adaptation of the Charles Dickens classic stars mister funnyman Jim Carrey as Scrooge. Jim Carrey does the voices for a whopping eight character in this Walt Disney movie. Besides doing the voices for the five stages of Scrooge’s life, Jim Carrey did the voices for the three spirits of Christmas as well. I’m not a Jim Carrey fan but I have to admit that this guy is amazingly talented!

But if you think that’s impressive, wait till you see the animation that went into this movie. Visually it was a beautiful movie to watch. Robert Zemeckis and company got the smallest of details spot on! So much so, I did wonder at times if I was indeed watching an animated movie. The animation is seriously that good!

For those of you that have never read ‘A Christmas Carol’, the movie revolves around a bitter and old man named Scrooge. Scrooge, a miser, underpays his one and only employee, ‘stinges’ on everything imaginable and he’s is just plain mean to everyone! Well all that changes when three spirits take him on a life altering trip to his past and present! I pitied the poor old man at one stage of the movie. I would have had a major heart attack if I had to go endure what Scrooge went through!

As with other Disney films, this movie is perfect for families and the lighthearted. I’m betting my last dollar that the Ghost of Christmas Past would get you laughing at his many antics. The Ghost of Christmas Present is pretty darn funny as well. But most importantly, I hope you’ll leave the movie thinking of the poor, less fortunate and the people you hold and love so dear.

A Christmas Carol opens in Singapore tomorrow (19th November) at your favourite movie theater!


  1. you piss the missus off huh with the "anything" food?? haha..must explain to her, we guys came from the same school..the "anything"

  2. Eh? How do you know that??
    You're right! We are from the "anything" school! Next time I'll just say 'chin chai'!!!!

  3. lol..he knows it cos i was grumbling abt it on facebook!
    could you like LOG IN to your facebook once in a while? *rollseyes*

    anyway, Manuel, i told him already, next time he says "anything" i will buy him sambal stingray! grrrr.....

  4. time think of something fast..then when she goes out to buy it, you got more time to

  5. Thanks William! I'll slap you tomorrow when I see you!!!

    Manuel: When I think of something fast, it's ANYTHING. Hiyah bro, damn hard to explain. I think I should just be on a liquid diet. So next time anyone ask what I want to eat, I'll just reply Heineken!


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