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There's this new application on Facebook that some of my friends are using. It's called "Ask a Friend" and it's pretty cool. You're given various fun questions about your friends and you can answer whatever way you want.

Caramelboopz was asked "Could Noel Boyd live without a computer?" and she answered ''Oh no! No computer how to read his interesting blog you tell me!''. My wife was asked "What would it take for Noel Boyd to run a full marathon?" and the kotek answered "beer at the end of it!". That's pretty true of course! I'm gonna answer a few questions myself after I'm done with this post. Friends, get ready!!!

If you would like to add me on Facebook, you can do so by clicking here. I don't reject any "friend" requests but I have blocked a few people recently. These folks send too many damn messages in one day and most of these messages are just plain dumb. Why on earth would I join your fan page when you aren't even famous to begin with??? Have some freaking shame for crying out loud!

You can also follow this blog using the Google widget on the sidebar to your right. Scroll on down till you see a widget that says 'Followers'. From there, click FOLLOW. It's as simple as that! If you are a blogger as well, this would be a good way to get clicks to your blog. =)

Last but not least, you can also follow me on Twitter. I'm doing my best to update my Twitter account everyday. It ain't as easy as you think! It's like having to go through the 200 odd messages I have on Facebook. Yup, you read that right! These messages have been accumulating since last year. Damn!!

I think we are gonna get dinner moving. Have a great one and stay safe always!


  1. ah, ya. you dont even log into your facebook account to begin with!
    there i was talking abt my latest kate spade buys and you dont even have a clue! =)

  2. Wow that's fast! Hmm, it's not like I don't want to babes. I have so much to do everyday and Facebook just isn't on top of my priorities...

  3. omg. it's SO LIKE YOU to end with a boobies link. hahahahahahahahahaha... who's the kotek now!

  4. yeah that's right shyanne...I think they need to change facebook to

  5. Shyanne: Heh! I just had to! Amy Winehouse does look scary huh? If the Spice Girls need a new Scary Spice, they don't have to look very far....

    Manuel: Bro!!! That's exactly what I do on Facebook. I go to all my female friends galleries hoping to see either cleavage or bikinis. Hah!


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