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In Loving Memory of Eddie Guerrero

Today marks the 4th anniversary of Eddie Guerrero's death. To some, Eddie Guerrero may have been just another wrestler. To me, he was bigger than that. I became a huge Eddie Guerrero fan when he was in WCW. In a strange way, I felt like I knew him. That's the power of television! Here was this Mexican-American wrestler that I could connect to. It's really hard to explain but I hope you get where I'm coming from.

I found out about Eddie's death after a wild drinking session on my birthday. I was on the way home when a friend from the States called and told me that he heard on the local radio that a WWE wrestler had passed away. He didn't hear the name of the wrestler so we left it as that. The moment I got home, I went online to Mind you I was freaking high from all the booze. The moment the page finished loading, the 'high' went away in a flash. Staring at the screen, I became sober instantly! That morning, I bawled my eyes out for a man I didn't know personally.

Ask my wife and she'll tell you that I tear each and every time I watch the Raw & Smackdown tribute to Eddie. There's no shame in admitting that right? An hour ago I watched this old Wrestlemania XX VCD. My mind was in a complete mess watching Eddie congratulate Chris Benoit after he won the triple threat match. The emotions both men showed that night in New York is something not even Vince McMahon could script.

I'll like to honour Eddie Guerrero today. To the greatest in-ring entertainer of all time, thank you for the memories & you are still deeply missed four years on...

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