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WWE Street Team Merchandise

Something awesome came in the mail today. The senders address got me all excited. It kinda reminded me of Christmas morning years ago when I was a kid...

Yeah, the parcel is from World Wrestling Entertainment's headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut.

Exclusive WWE Street Team merchandise. An official Polo-tee & Cap.

The street team logo...

Christmas has indeed come early this year. The WWE Street Team merchandise isn't on sale anywhere and it's only available to one member per country. All the more reason why I should frame this up for the new house. Thanks WWE!


  1. you should seriously stop blacking out your middle name.

    everybody already KNOWS it's DESMOND!

    *rolls eyes*

  2. You know it's Desmond. The regular visitors to the blog know it's Desmond. But a new reader wouldn't!! But thanks to you, now he or she would. GRRRRRRR!!!!

    I'll stop once I legally change my name. =)

  3. ok..I know you seriously do not like to be called Desmond..but why huh? I must have miss it if you wrote it in one of your blogs..sorry Desmond...wahahahaha

  4. I just think it is a crappy name. And I hate my godfather. He gave me that name. So when I think of Desmond, I'm reminded of the fool that didn't give a damn about me. The same fool that walked passed me and pretended he didn't see me months before he died. I'd spit on his grave if I ever find it.

    So yeah bro...that's why!

  5. I know...alright I 'll knight you now Sir Noel Boyd.

  6. Hahaha...thanks bro! What are you knighting me with? Sword?!

  7. that's better than the paint brush that the indian guy wants to give u


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