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Mr. Painter

I have been asked to give a talk about 'why teenagers shouldn't get a tattoo' at a a local secondary school, been asked to write a book about tattoos in Singapore and I have been asked to appear on a calender. But this request sure takes the cake. Here's a message from a guy that hails from India. Yep, a GUY sent me this message!!!

Hi gorgeous!
How are you?
Let me introduce to you 1st as i m just few hrs old on this website. i am from india .. and i am a painter and i make paintings and drawings. I just loved your hot body cute face and moreover your sexiest tattoos. I understand you are a popular blogger about tattoo? I am a tattoo lover though i dont have any . I have an exhibition this year on 31st Oct (my birthday)..i wish if i can make your paintings....

Something tells me he doesn't want to paint me with a brush. Hmm...I don't know if I should laugh, frown or vomit!



    okay i think i'm done.

    no wait, here comes more.


    pause, wipes tears from my eyes. okay go.


    p/s: this is only after having read the first 2 words of the e-mail.

  2. my sentiments exactly this is so far the funniest blog you've put up so far're better than David Letterman...wahahahahaha

  3. When I first read the message, time stood still balls! I clicked his profile picture just to make sure it's a guy. The last time someone wanted to take pictures of me, I brought along my wife just to erase any possibilities of me getting raped...

  4. Manuel!!! I'm glad you are enjoying this bro. I'm kinda freaked out by this fella. He keeps messaging me on this tattoo networking site.

    Sooner or later I'm gonna send a hitman to shove a Bombay Burger up his ass!!!

  5. Dude, he might actually like the burger stuffed up his ass man...

  6. hahahaha...well you're the one who keep saying you were a slut back in the past...hmmm...the past is catching up bro...wahahaha

  7. Longjin: Damn! You're probably right. What was I thinking?! Ok shoving anything up anyone's ass...

    Manuel: You reckon bro?! He's probably looking through the karmasutra with me in mind. At least he isn't in Singapore. Pheew! =)

  8. check this out bro...

  9. Oh man bro!!! The kopitiam hooters rock!! Some of them are fugly but who cares right? After a couple of beers, they'll look just fine!!!

  10. i think its a compliment, better just send a picture

  11. send him a nude painting of you on his birthday lah. 31oct. i'm sure it'll make his year!

  12. Ashsmi: Hahaha...I have tons of pictures online. I'm sure he'll help himself... :)

    Yummy Mummy: You reckon I should?!


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