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What a MORON!!!!


Woman fined for letting 12-year-old drive

A Montana woman accused of letting her 12-year-old daughter drive three siblings to day care has been fined nearly $1,000. Angela Parenteau entered a no contest plea to one count of criminal endangerment Thursday in Municipal Court in Great Falls. Three other criminal endangerment charges were dropped under a plea agreement.

Prosecutors say in March, Parenteau allowed her daughter drive three younger siblings from their house in Vaughn to a day care about 15 miles away in Great Falls. Police say Parenteau claimed she was too sick to drive and on medication.

The state said it agreed to the plea agreement because the 12-year-old girl did not want to testify against her mother.


  1. Hey Noel! Just checking out your blog and lovin it! Laughed at this post. Although I have to say that out in the less surburban/cosmopolitan parts of the US, alot of kids as young as 8 or so are allowed to drive tractors and trucks to help with the farming activities. (I was floored myself when I first heard it). I've also heard from fellow parents about their 17-year-olds (legal driving age here) who have crashed the family cars or made some unsound judgement in driving drunk. In my mind, a mature 12-year-old is far more competent of a driver, than a wayward 17-year-old.

  2. Hi Grace! You read Ann's blog right? I see your name in the comment notification emails all the time. =)

    Are you serious? 8 year old kids on tractors?? Wow!! I'm trying to picture but it's just wrong in every sense.

    Teenagers love having fun and most of them aren't good drinkers. So giving them a license at that age isn't a smart thing. I've got friends that drink and drive. No matter how drunk they are, they still claim they can drive.

    I lost my closest friend because she was in the car with a drunk driver. I still miss her lots and wish I could turn back time. It sucks big time!


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