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Money no enough!

I reckon business at the SMU Bazaar was the worse I've seen next to the Bird Park gig I did back in June. If the other vendors didn't get airbrush tattoos done, business would have stunk like a rotten rat. Doing nothing and waiting for a customer from 10am to 5pm is more tiring than you can imagine! Thank god I had my wife for company. We really need to do a lot of thinking before we take on another booth. But like they say, you win some and you lose some...

Toothaches are just a bitch to deal with! I had the most intense pain in my upper jaw that moved up to my ear and eventually gave me a freaking headache that a good few hours. If you are wondering why I didn't pop panadol, I can't! Unless I'm game for an episode of severe drug allergies, there's not a lot of medicine I can take. I have this little card from my doctor that I carry around that boldly states the types of drugs I am allergic to. Simply put, I'm screwed when I fall ill! Doctors can't give me shit!!!

I saw a nude picture of Angelina Jolie from the movie 'Gia' minutes before I began typing this post. Her breasts just don't look the way I pictured them to be. So yeah, I'm rather disappointed. Why am I telling you this? I have no bloody idea! Let's move on yeah?

I don't wanna reveal too much about a project I will be working on soon. I've only told a selected number of close friends and my wife. I told Drayden as well but his reply was mind boogling! Anyway, here's what I can tell you... I will be hosting an online tv show (web series). It will be different from what you expect to see on local television. What else can I tell you? Hmm...tattoos??

I've got a class reunion dinner to attend later at night and the Boeing vs Porsche race tomorrow. Fun times indeed! Have a great weekend and stay toothache free yeah!


  1. Noel, you need more rest. The toothache could be due to heatiness.

  2. Dude, get yourself to a dentist pronto. You wouldn't want to just ignore the toothache and have it escalate.

    Bruce did that once and by the time he got himself to the dentist, he ended up needing a root canal. NOT a pleasant experience at all!

  3. Willam, I totally agree! No matter what time I head to bed, I still clock no more than 4 hours of sleep!!

    Starryluvly: Man, root canal? That gotta hurt!!! I'll go soon enough when clients pay up! =)

  4. Oooh.. yes, I was told about your project and i'm glad to know that it is all set! Enjoy the process!!

    And yes, see you next Tues (your wife has already made a date!) :-)

  5. Thanks Dina. I'm so happy it worked out. It's been my dream to host a show. I thought that dream ended years ago. Well, never say never huh?

    Alrighty, see you soon! =)


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