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The Changi Airport Race

How the Jet Boeing 747 lost out to the Porsche Carrera at yesterday's Changi Airport Race is anyone's guess. On the whole, it was a fantastic event by Changi Airport. It must have been mayhem to close the runway just for this race considering we are one of the busiest airports in the world.

I got to the airport at 10.45 in the morning, met William and had a good few smokes before we collected our passes. I'm seriously thinking of doing a deed poll to get rid of my middle name!!!

We were ushered to gate B7 that was to be our boarding/holding area for the afternoon. Now if only all boarding areas were like ours! We had a catered buffet line-up, live entertainment by this band called Jimmy and Daniel Ong, Jamie Teo and this other dude as emcees. We also had a bunch of cheerleaders that put on an awesome show for us. My good guess is that they are from China. But they totally rocked the house nonetheless!

Once the formalities were over and done with, we headed to the tarmac via bus to our grandstand seats. Along with some other bloggers, I had the privilege of being interviewed by Klik.TV. You can watch the interview by clicking here.

With our stylo milo CWO look-alike safety vests, we waited under the hot blazing sun for the race to start...God damn it was hot!

It truly was a sight to see the big-ass Singapore Airlines and Emirates airplanes pass us at eye level...

Anyway, the Jett8 Airlines B747 jetliner piloted by Captain Peter Leo and the Porsche 911 GT3 Carrera Cup car driven by Yuey Tan soon got into position for the race of a lifetime. After a false start, the race was finally underway. Both the jetliner and Porsche went head to head right up to the finishing line.

With much disappointment, the Porsche 911 GT3 won the race. Congrats Yuey Tan! Wait till you race against a fighter jet!!!

My thanks to Nuffnang for inviting me to this event. I had helluva a good time and it was sweet to meet some of the other bloggers from the Nuffnang community!


  1. as long as you dont change it to "crap bag" like phoebe's mike in F.R.I.E.N.D.S


    the cwo vests are hilarious! they should've given you a pair of tongs to do some community payback after the race.


  3. desmond i think the "race" u've watched is CRAP(sai)! watching the crows flying pass at my kopi shop is more interesting.

    now tis is what a RACE between a car and plane shld look like

  4. in case u cant see the link!


    now u shld see it hee

  6. Yummy Mummy: My dear wife, what name would you suggest then?

    Hierra: Yeah man! Do I look like I would do community service?!!

    Remy: It took you 3 times to get the link right! Hmm, thanks for the link brudder!

  7. how about "shit face"?
    or "princess consuela the fifth"?

    OR "BuBuu"!!!

    noel bubuu boyd.
    hmm. i LIKE IT!!!

  8. William, do you want me to lie to you??! Pictures don't lie!! Stop eating that disgusting turtle soup and you'll be fine! =)

    Yummy Mummy, I'm seriously wondering how you got your degree!!!

  9. wah monkey mummy got degree ah?

    noel asscrack boyd sounds good..hmm

  10. remy! see me no up ah!
    i got communications degree with majors in marketing k! second class honors some more! lol...
    i can do marketing for you! hehehe...

    but noel thinks i bought my degree goes i have my minah moments. idiot.

  11. monkey mummy, ya i see u no up bcoz u have a degree! if i am a towkay i would only employ non-degree holders!

    wah lau i would have kowtow to u knowing your minah past but you're in denial! haha

  12. Yummy Mummy: I think you got your degree from Chaoyang School. You can keep denying all you want!!!

    Remy: I've got two O'levels. Wanna hire me?!


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