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Happy Teachers Day!

Being a teacher is a tough and demanding job. I should know because I drove my teachers nuts back when I was in school. I honestly think I drove each and everyone of them a foot closer to insanity!

Here's wishing all teachers a HAPPY TEACHERS DAY! Lot's of love and hugs from The Tattooed Blogger!


  1. I cannot imagine that... but the pic will make me score high marks if our teachers are like that...

  2. Hahaha...yeah man! If I had a teacher like her in school, my attendance would have been 100%! Fantasies will remain fantasies huh?

  3. Thank you...on behalf of the teachers who once taught you... =)

    From a fellow teacher

  4. Hey babes!!! Happy teachers day!!! Hope you had a good one! =)

  5. Think I might be top student and pay lots of attention in class.. fwahaha

  6. Boon: Hell yeah bro! I would go to school even if I was sick!! If I was on my death bed, I'd fine a way to roll my ass to school. Hahahaha...

    Lounge Lizard: See!!! You're a little pervert too!!

  7. i have a near-similar scenario with my physics teacher.

    he wore red undies under his see-through white pants.

    I'M SERIOUS!!!!!!


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