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When you're sick,

you generally crave for a whole lot of stuff right? I don't know about you but that's how I am. I don't crave for chicken soup, porridge and other non-oily food. No siree! As I write this, I am craving for a traditional Italian pizza topped with an egg yolk. I'm craving for sticky chocolate ice cream from Swensen's. Deep friend Chicken from Popeye's at Terminal 3 would totally rock too! God damn, I'm beginning to sound like a pregnant woman!!!

I've got a decent week lined up. Here's how things look for now...

Today: I'm airbrushing at St. Hilda's Secondary School teachers day dinner in Changi. I bet if there are good looking teachers, it'll instantly perk me up! Come to think about it, there weren't any HOT teachers when I was in school. There was one relief teacher that came in back in 1994 and she was smokin hot! She used to wear really short skirts and her legs were to die for. Our bitch of a virgin principal pulled her into the office one day and told her to PUT ON MORE CLOTHES. Next thing we know, we saw the HOTTIE walk out of the school gate and she never came back!!! My fantasy flew out the freaking window thanks to the short bitch who remains a 'Miss" till this day. That's karma man!!!

Tuesday: The wife and I along with Prince Dray were supposed to head to the beach at Sentosa. With the flu and all, we'll go next week. Probably do the Duck Tour thingy next week as well...

Wednesday & Thursday: I'm renting a booth at Singapore Management University's UniVanzaar. Airbrush tattoos start at five dollars and I will be there on both days from 10am to 6pm. Do drop by if you are in the area! Also, I have a wedding anniversary party to airbrush at on Thursday night. The lovely couple is celebrating 25 years of marriage. So sweet right?!

Friday: I am really excited about this. We are having a class reunion of some sorts. Yeah man, the notorious class of 5N1 from Serangoon Garden Technical Secondary (SGT) are finally getting back together. I've not seen the majority of my ex-classmates since 1997. We're much older, some of us are fatter, mostly married and a handful have lost their hair!

Saturday: CHANGI here we come!!! Courtesy of my brudders and sistas at Nuffnang, William and I will be sitting in the grandstand to watch the FIRST EVER Jet Boeing 747 versus a Porsche Carrera race in Asia! You can't buy tickets for this race but you sure can try your luck at winning them! If you want to win tickets to this event, click here to find how. Here's a promo video of the race...

Sunday: It's officially my rest and relax day unless something comes up...

Well, that's how my week looks so far. In between all this, I've got to get a voice-over demo done for a music company. I hope you have an awesome and eventful week too! Noel Boyd signing off...


  1. when i'm sick, i crave CHICKEN RICE! the whole jing bang with roasted chicken, oyster veg and tofu... with LOTS of black sauce and LOTS of chilli.

    nyom, nyom, nyom.

    actually i always crave like a pregnant woman. poor boyfriend.

  2. I cannot relate u (now) to back then of you. Perhaps.. the hair? Oops.. haha =X

  3. St. Hilda's Secondary School....?
    Gosh that used to be my school :)


  4. Shyanne: You like the roasted chicken? I love hainanese chicken rice. I LOVE oyster veg & black sauce with my chicken rice too! It wouldn't be the same without it.

    Can you imagine how you'll crave when you're preggy?! I pity your husband!

    Boon: Just the hair??! Everything is different balls!! =)

    Nura: I might have airbrushed one of your old teachers. The event was for the Primary and Secondary school teachers...

  5. i wouldnt give tips for asscracks if u look like dat now

  6. Remy: Hahahahaha! You prefer me now?!!!!

    Lounge Lizard: I believe that are a few more lying around somewhere... =)


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