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The flu sucks!

I honestly feel like crap! What a way to start off this post huh? I'm having the damn flu, my body feels weird and my last cigarette tasted awful! Sampoerna cigarettes are supposed to be sweet. After all, this kretek-type cigarette is flavoured with cloves and spices. But, I didn't taste shit!!

I'm gonna get myself a big bottle of fresh OJ and drink lots of water. The problem with being your own boss is that you can't call in sick. I have to feel better for my event tomorrow in Changi. God do I hate working sick!

Before I end this post, I thought I'd share the following with you since I mentioned kretek earlier.
Haji Jamahri, a resident of Kudus, Java, created kreteks in the early 1880s as a means to deliver the medicinal eugenol of cloves to the lungs, as it was thought to help asthma. It cured his chest pains and he started to market his invention to the village, but he died of lung cancer before he could mass market it. M. Nitisemito took his place and began to commercialize the new cigarettes. Today, kretek manufacturers directly employ over 180,000 people in Indonesia and an additional 10 million indirectly.
It cured his chest pains but he died of lung cancer? Ain't that ironic!


  1. Do take care... quit smoking do you good.


  2. Used to...until I got married, I tone down until wife is pregnant.. smoke free! Kakaka

  3. Wow!! Good bro! I'm still hooked to nicotine like a prostitute on cocaine. urge to smoke so far?


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