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Miss World 2009 Contestants

To further prove my point regarding the judging of Miss World Singapore, here are a handful of contestants that are representing their countries at the Miss World beauty pageant in South Africa on December 12th...

Miss Spain - Carmen Laura GARCIA FERNÁNDEZ

Miss Serbia - Jelena MARKOVIC

Miss Namibia - Happie NTELAMO

Miss Mexico - Perla Judith BELTRAN

Miss Austria - Anna HAMMEL

Miss South Africa - Tatum KESHWAR

Miss Singapore - Yi Min LOW(Ris Low)


  1. OMG! What is a student from MINDS/Chao Yang Special School wearing thick make-up in that list of beauties :S

  2. miss south africa is a beauty!!

    why do singaporeans always complain our beauty pageant representatives never get anywhere far in gobal competitions... specifically because the judges here are so fucked in the head they send idiots like Ris Low.

  3. I saw that vid ages ago and I cringed in disgust. I mean what's new with the Singapore representatives? Now comparing Ms Singapore with the rest of the contestants - we are flatchested, we have protuding *jongang* teeth (like horses) and we cant speak to save our lives.

    Im so humilated.

    They should have sent me - Alas Im too old and too short.

  4. and i must say that it's ridiculous how all the other contestants have proper photoshoots but ours has some amateur studio portrait like the ones that cost $35 for makeover shoot.

    they could've at least made it sports illustrated type and photoshop the hell out of her but noooooo.

  5. I need to move to either Mexico or Eastern Europe.

  6. Starryluvly: Yeah baby! Her eyes are stunning. Wait till you see the rest of her. Oh god....

    William: Jesus Christ William! What a mean thing to say!!!

    Shyanne: Yeah yeah! I'm digging Miss Namibia too. Nice nice lips...

    I think there's more that goes on behind the scenes. I'm thinking sexual favours, etc...

    Also, good looking folks in Singapore don't bother about these competitions. I didn't join Manhunt!!! You didn't join no beauty pageant. It's the ugly ones that think they are hot.

    If they had photoshop her picture, they would have completely removed her. Heh!

    Dina: Hahahaha...I would compare Miss Singapore to Malaysia but they have not crowned her yet. Slow lah they!!

    I think the judging panel needs a foot up their ass!!

    Lounge Lizard: You horny little fucker! What's wrong with local women har?!


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