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Is Noh Alam Shah Wrong?

Hell no! I smiled when I read his comments about the state of the SLEAGUE and the local soccer scene. Finally we have someone who has the guts to speak his mind. Most importantly, the truth! He called Singapore football stagnant, slammed the SLEAGUE for the poor attendances, criticized the FAS beep test and blasted the referring standards.

All along it's been evident that the state of the SLEAGUE has been below par. Why do I say that? Just look at the average attendance of the SLEAGUE matches. If the standard of football was good, I assure you the stadiums would be jammed packed! What's funny is that even when they gave free tickets to a match last night, they couldn't fill the stadium to the brim. And we are a country that loves the word 'FREE'.

I know it's unfair to compare us to the Barclays Premier League or the Indonesian Super League. Both are huge in their own respective countries. Because Singapore is such a small country, it's impossible to create a rivalry among the districts. How does one become a die-hard fan of a team like Geylang United when he or she has family staying in Woodlands and they frequent Tampines Mall?! And when you are serving your national service, you are offered (a polite way to force someone to do something in the Army) free tickets to SAFFC or Home United matches.

A few years ago, I went out for drinks with a bunch of SLEAGUE players during the mid-season. We sure painted the town red. If I remember correctly, we drank at six clubs that night. Anyhow, the players I was with came from five clubs. Considering most of them grew up together, they were all buddies. Because I have respect for these guys, whatever we spoke about will remain confidential. However, I can tell you that we joked about the SLEAGUE and we concluded that the Cosmo League was more entertaining.

So what if Noh Alam Shah is the captain of the national team?! I'm glad he's leaving for Arema Malang. It's probably the best decision he's made in his career. Well soccer maniacs, do you agree with Alam Shah's comments?


  1. actually nothing to do with the post. just wanted to tell you that this was a good shot of you!

  2. football in singapore sucks lah dude! and they wanted singapore to qualify for the 2010 world cup. what a joke!

  3. Shyanne: I love this shot!!! Except for that golden monkey behind me. That's bitch fucked up the background!!!

    Anonymous: To be fair, the national team has improved tremendously. That's because we have a good coach. But yeah, the SLEAGUE needs to improve...

    The Goal 2010 dream was ditched a long time ago :)


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