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Laptop gone CRAZY!!

My laptop has gone mental! I'm seriously close to throwing it out the window. It took twelve minutes to load this page so I can draft this post. God damn it! Hurry up already! I did a virus scan, nothing showed up. I did a Spybot - Search & Destroy run and nothing out of the ordinary was found. Here's the lesson of the day! STAY FAR AWAY FROM PORN SITES!!!

My buddy William is coming over on Saturday to fix the problem. He's good at what he does so I've got total faith in him. From now to then, I've got to keep my cool and travel back in time to the days where computers weren't fast. Eighties here I come!!!

I am airbrushing at Zouk in a few hours. Sure seems like this would be the last SOL beer event. Then again I might be wrong. Whatever it is, I will have fun tonight. Mambo is nice in it's own unique way. I love retro man. I love how the youngsters are dancing *more like synchronize dancing* to the songs from my time. Retro is gold duncha think?

Ok, my laptop is pissing me off again. Do enjoy what's left of this cloudy Wednesday and stay safe wherever you are...


  1. oh yeah...rite staying off porn site...hmmm...I wonder if Ann is laughing her head off...hahahaha

  2. manuel, i'm actually saying "I TOLD YOU SO!!" in his face. lol...

    porn is okay, man...but you have to go TRUSTED sites. haiz. *rolls eyes at noel*



    that's rolls on the FUCKIN' floor. LOL

  4. Thanks bro!!! So much for confidence in me huh?! I'll just buy DVD's from now on!!

    Yummy Mummy: Yah yah yah! There's no such thing as a trusted porn site!!!

    Shyanne: IDIOT!!!

  5. Yeah bro. Did it twice but it didn't find anything.

  6. There's a trusted porn site.

  7. bro..see Ann was telling the truth..wahahaha...

  8. William: I dunno what to say brother! Only you would post a porn link on a fellow Singaporean blog!!!!

    Manuel: Hahaha...I reckon I'm gonna lay off porn for a bit. It's one hell of an expensive lesson!


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