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Renovation Time!

After much thought, I have decided that this blog needs a make over. It's long overdue don't you think? I actually started designing the 'new look' last night and after 5 hours, I think the template looks pretty groovy.

I'm gonna say goodbye to the black background and it's gonna be a lot more tidy. New widgets will be added as well so it'll be a little more engaging. It won't be high tech but it'll do...

Now I need your help. What would you like to see in the renovated blog? Recommend colors, technology, art and anything else you want. Your idea might just be used for this blog. Hope to hear from everyone. Thanks and have a spanking naughty weekend!


  1. Maybe you add BOOMZ?! Or zebra bigini?!

  2. A light coloured background is always pleasing to the eye. White is good but too common...

  3. perhaps dont think so hard and post pics of what u do and where u go to do it. professional looks good but ends up looking like other places

  4. Anonymous: Thanks Anonymous! I'm thinking of a light background too. White is everywhere so I'm gonna stay far away from that...

    Ashsmi: I'll do just that. I keep forgetting to bring the camera out though. Gotta work on that... Thanks for dropping by and hope to hear from you again on this blog. :)


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