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Give Taufik Batisah a break!

image courtesy of Hype Records

Yes he made a blunder while singing the national anthem. Some folks can claim they know the national anthem by heart. Sure you do when you are singing it in a group or when you are alone. Have you tried singing the national anthem or any song for that matter in front of thousands in attendance and the millions of viewers both in Singapore and around the world?!

I would have fainted on stage! I highly doubt I could have hit the first key.

Seriously, it's a small mistake and he has apologized. Let's just be gracious and move on yeah?

So Singapore, let's keep our focus on Miss Boomz Ris Low. She's way more entertaining!

View our Ris Low video on YouTube! 12,986 views, 42 ratings and 59 comments so far...


  1. I'd like to see the idiots who sing "dengan seMAYAT yang baru" sing the anthem onstage for millions of people.

  2. Shyanne: Seriously?!!!

    Starryluvly: Hahahaha...lots of people get the anthem wrong...

  3. He's not alone in that. We had the same thing in Germany in 2005, when some pop star got our national anthem wrong. It was some scandal over here, too. Newspapers wouldn't drop the issue, especially the yellow press.

  4. Hey BlackButterfly, I can imagine the commotion the media made. I think we sometimes forget that these celebrities are human too. They make mistakes like all of us.

    I hope that pop star in Germany is alright now. It must have really sucked to be in that position...


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