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The Cove

Here's a documentary that is a must watch folks! The Cove by Ric O'Barry, is about the dolphin trade in Japan and around the world. Most of the documentary had to be filmed illegally and it truly gives us an insight to the SICK world of the dolphin trade! I reckon after watching 'The Cove', you wouldn't want to see dolphins at Resorts World @ Sentosa!! Big love to animal conservation man!!!

Trust the Japanese to turn the sea red...

Having already won 14 awards, Best Documentary at the 2009 Sundance Film Festival is one of them, The Cove is being tipped to win an Oscar. So yeah, you've got to watch it! Here's the trailer...

The Cove is now showing at Golden Village - Plaza & Cinema Europa Vivocity


  1. thank you for posting this, noel. i watched the movie a few weeks ago with vic and i have been following the progress eversince. see u here next year!

  2. You're welcome Gee. Awesome documentary huh? See you next year!! =)


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