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Charity & Top Commentators widget added!

First up, I wanna highlight two widgets I added on this blog last night. The first you'll see when you get to this blog is the 'Invisible Children' charity widget by SocialVibe unites people and their favorite charity and their widget can be used on all major blogging platforms and much more. So yeah, there are a list of charities (PETA, WWF, Red Cross, etc...) to choose from and I chose to help the children of Uganda. All YOU need to do is click on the widget and either answer a simple question or watch and rate a short video. It's as simple as that! You won't need to donate a single cent. We ain't asking you for your money. All we need is two minutes of your time and you can help provide education scholarships to these children. Can??

The second widget I added (right sidebar) is by Aneesh from Blogger Widgets. This widget shows the top commentators on my blog. I personally think it's pretty cool! We have Shyanne leading the pack and the Lounge Lizard isn't too far behind. Just behind him is 'missbitchalot' who needs two more comments to draw even. Heh!

As always, here's another cheque I received from Nuffnang via post on Saturday. Big love!! If you ain't with the Nuffnang community yet, what the hell are you waiting for?!

We are heading to Sentosa tomorrow afternoon. Vik, William, my wife Ann along with my little man Drayden plan to chill-out by the beach. Drayden will be eating sand, we guys will have some cold beers under the sun and my wife, ermm...I'm not sure what she's gonna do. Anyhow, we plan to have a blast!

I'm off to Little India in a bit. Thanks for reading & have a wicked Tuesday!


  1. wow, i'm the top commentor!?

    sweet! (:

    have fun at the beach tomorrow!

  2. Yeah, you indeed are!!! That's nice to know huh? I reckon you should call in sick and join us at the beach!!!!!

  3. HAHAHA.

    Ann, until he plants a big wet one on your face WITH the sand still in his mouth. :P

  4. I didn't!! That's just how the script is. You don't have a profile so nobody can click on your name!


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