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This is just gross!!!

SOME women believe bread, cling film and chicken skin can be used instead of condoms, a poll by a healthcare giant revealed today.

The survey of 1,000 women by aged 18 to 50 unearthed a number of bizarre ideas about family planning.

One in five detailed bizarre methods of contraception including eating garlic or using bread, plastic wrap or chicken skin as a barrier method.
Just who did they survey? Morons?! I can't understand how a woman could shove bread, chicken skin or cling wrap up their you-know-what! It's morally wrong!!! It'll be a long time before I can enjoy half boiled eggs with bread again. Damn it!!!

(ps: 10,000 points to anyone that guesses correctly what each item in the picture above represents!)


  1. dude, the 10 000 points is sucha giveaway! pffft.


  2. oh AND.

    first forms of contraception were sheep intestines and dung btw.


  3. Remy: OMG! For real?!

    Hierra: Shy, you get 50,000 points for leaving the most number of comments on this blog! The stats are on my right sidebar. Scroll on down...

    Erm...are you freaking serious?! Sheep intestines and dung??? I can imagine the smell! Maybe that's why it didn't work. No guy would be able to keep a boner with the stench! I'm gonna go vomit now...

  4. yes i saw! and i even logged out of my hierra account so that i can maintain my rank as top commentor using Shyanne. LOL!

    and i guess the old methods of contraception means only one thing: men have been led by their penises since the evolution of mankind. so much so that they would ignore the disgust that comes from having their dicks in shit and sheep innards! pheeyoo!

  5. Hahaha...yeah babes!!

    I thought men still think with their dicks?!! But seriously lah, intestines and dung is just disgusting!!! I'm laying off pork intestines for awhile too. =)


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