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Monopoly City Streets

What do you get when Google teams up with one of the biggest board game manufacturers in the world? Well, you'll get an online version of Monopoly that's played on Google Maps. I love Monopoly and I think this online game is fantastic news!

To be launched later today, players can own any street in the world and can play against friends and millions of folks around the world. Your goal would be to become the richest property tycoon in the world!

Besides building houses and hotels, players can build football stadiums and skyscrapers. I hear you can sabotage other players by building hazards (e.g: prisons) on their streets. I can't freaking wait!!!

Wanna know what's the best part? It's completely free! You don't have to spend a single cent!!! Muahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

Here's some extra information about the game...

- Players start each new game with three million monopoly dollars.
- The White House would cost you two million monopoly dollars.
- Rent is automatically deducted each day. $50k per house and $100million per skyscraper.
- Besides building stadiums, houses and skyscrapers, you can build castles too!

That's about all the information I have. At the time of this post, Monopoly City Streets will be launched in approximately 13 hours.

Visit to rule the world!


  1. you cheat when you play monopoly with me.

    and sulk when you lose.

  2. really? so such a wussy

    can i buy the houses in geylang?

  3. Yummy Mummy: No I don't!! The last time I played with you monkeys, each smoke break I took, everyone was richer by a couple hundred dollars!!!!

    Remy: Can bro. All the hookers will call you daddy!


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