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Seafood and Prawn Noodles at Newton Food Centre

I know there's quite a bit of negativity regarding Newton Food Centre. Besides the occasional fight, annoying tissue sellers and the cheating, it is a nice place. In fact, it is one of the few joints I frequent when we are hungry in the wee hours of the morning. On Monday morning, at precisely 1.00am, Ann, Hurricane Drayden and I headed down to the place I call our food haven.

There are three stalls at Newton I love. I became friends with these stall holders many years ago and they look after us whenever we are there. I don't have the stall number of my favourite seafood stall. But if you are ever craving for good seafood, look for a stall that has the words "You'll Never Walk Alone" plastered on their signboard. If you are a big fan of prawn noodles like I am, the brothers from Newton Prawn Noodles (stall 60) are worth the try. My wife loves the soup and she thinks you can even add ice to it so it becomes a dessert! Heh heh...Anyhow, I love the Pork Rib Noodles from their stall. The ribs are always tender and it's fantastic with yellow noodles. And and and...I always ask for extra pork lard with every order! Burp!

While we were at Newton on Monday, my son Drayden was fascinated with this motorized bicycle (picture below). Yep, that is a bicycle! Amazing ain't it? It's got freaking pedals and stuff. Drayden kept pointing to this bicycle and next thing we know, the drink stall holder brings Drayden over so he can ride the bike. My darling son thought the bike was a kiddy ride! You know the kiddy ride where you slot in a dollar and it starts moving along to music? Dray started fussing when he realised this wasn't no kiddy ride!

Sensing my son wasn't thrilled, this sweet man pushed my son around Newton Food Centre on his trolley. How sweet is that?!

Now that's why I love going to Newton!


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