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Happy Things!

I woke up today to excellent news. Subscribers to Mother & Baby magazine have received their August issue! A good friend of my wife and I sent a text message saying she liked the article I wrote and she loved the pictures. Her hubby and his friends liked the article too. Reading that text message sure made my day. Heck! I'm still smiling. Heee... On to more happy things...

I wanna wish my mom a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dearest mom, happy birthday to yoooooooooooooooooou! See I didn't forget your birthday this year! Enjoy this day and my all your wishes come true.

Here's something that makes me happy all the time. The thought of breasts! Yeah baby! Who doesn't like breasts anyway?! There's a game on that's perfect for boob lovers. It's a simple game actually. All you need to do is guess who owns the chest. It's as simple as that. I got two guesses right but who's counting right? Go ahead and playing the guessing game by clicking here.

ps: Katie Price a.k.a Jordan is impressive!


  1. hey Noel! congrats on the article! sorry for not popping by ya blog these past few wks. the new IE has been giving me problems when i visit your site. weird.

    anyway, the beer drinking session has gotta be on hold for the time being ha! i just started work with CAAS as an Air Traffic Controller and i'm currently on course for 12 wks. with 14 exams to clear. busy busy busy for now! haha!

    but congrats once again yeah?

    p/s: how's the thingy with MINDS coming along? =)

  2. Bro!!! I wanna kiss you!!!!!!!!!!
    You just solved a big headache! I've had a huge drop in visitors to my blog the last few days. My web stats show that a good percentage of visitors to this blog use IE. So this explains why things have been going haywire.

    How did you fix the problem?

    Air Traffic Controller?? Wow! Aren't you still studying? ATC is damn cool job bro. It's stressful but it keeps you on your toes.

    We'll meet up after your exams bro. Make sure you pass the damn exams aite!

    Hmm...I haven't heard back from their principal. I'm thinking of paying them a visit next week...


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