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What's your take on flying the friendly skies?

There's been helluva lotta talk about airline aviation safety since Air France flight 447 went missing on Monday. First up, I totally feel for the family and loved ones who are still waiting for the jet to be found. It's hard to imagine what they are going through as each day passes. My prayers go out to all of them.

To be very honest, I have never been a fan of flights. I have never boarded a flight without a good few drinks at the airport. Like I told my friends earlier, I boarded a flight to India back in 2007 drunk out of my freaking mind! The moment I sat in my seat on board Air India, I passed out only to wake up just when the aircraft landed!

Now, this post has got nothing to do with Air France or the pilots of flight 447. Instead, it's how I feel about flying the friendly skies. The thing that freaks me most about flying is the landing bit. My mind is always screaming "OH GOD OH GOD!!!" whenever the plane descends to the runway. My take is pilots are humans and humans make mistakes all the time. Can I trust a well trained individual to do his job right? Well, Air Crash Investigation has shown me time and again that pilots and air traffic controllers have made the smallest of mistakes that have resulted in some of the deadliest crashes in aviation history.

At the end of the day, we don't really have much of a choice do we? Sure we can travel by sea or land, but, it'll take much longer. Much much longer! It's the convenience of air travel that matters most right? I don't foresee myself traveling anytime soon. When I do, I'd be sure to have a good few pints at Harry's Bar at the Cactus Garden.

What's your take on flying the friendly skies?


  1. like u, i freaked out too each time i travel by planes (bloody shit i talk like as if i fly every weekend eh?)

    so to keep my sick mind distracted, i check out every single stewards/stewardesses. muahahhahahahhaaaa......

    but seriously, shits do happen irregardless whether u travel by land, sea or sky. if its fated u're to go like that, what can u say right? for me, i pray for the best and just leave the rest in the hands of God and those bloody hands that holds the steering. hehe

  2. Hahaha...I love looking at stewardesses too! The chicks on Kingfisher Airlines are freaking hot man! They have to start doing international flights soon. Buayas will looove them!

    I agree babe, if it's time, it's time. All we can do is hope and pray that someone doesn't screw up. Human error ain't a funny thang!

  3. For me I also check out the stewardess on the plane to distract myself. Sometimes I watch the latest season of LOST on my PDA to pray that I won't end up like them on an island... lol

    Just to add one more before I submit this comment, I've ban myself from taking Tiger Airway, because checking out the air stewardess on Tiger Airway is like checking out those aunty cashier at NTUC... yucks!

  4. hahahahhahahaaaaaaa....
    tiger airways so low standard meh????

  5. William: You watch Lost on an aeroplane??! Doesn't that freak you out? You're better off watching Alive.

    Some of the girls on Tiger are alright looking bro! I love flying with them.

    Hmm...which airlines do you like then?


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