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Last Saturday, we made our way to the National Family Celebrations 2009 (NFC) at The National Museum of Singapore . Courtesy of the nice folks from Nuffnang Pte. Ltd, my family and I enjoyed a nice river cruise. I never thought a boat ride down Singapore River would be fun. Boy was I wrong!

What made the the river cruise all the more enjoyable and memorable was the excellent service by one of the staff from the HiPPO River Cruise. Singapore DUCKtours Pte Ltd, you need more staff like Nabilah! I'm always bitching about the poor service standard in Singapore. This girl has got personality and she represented the company extremely well. Thanks to Nabilah, the boat waited for my folks (a good ten minutes I reckon?) and my mom got to enjoy the cruise.

Here are some pictures from the HiPPO River Cruise...

The Marina Bay Sands Resort & Casino

The Singapore Flyer

The iconic Merlion

Our little man...

The National Family Celebrations is on till the 28th of June. To find out more about NFC and the many discounts and promotions you and your family can enjoy, visit If you are up for the river cruise, it's $15 for adults and $9 for children (3-12yrs old). For more information, visit


  1. Noel, you starting your air brush service at JBP this weekend or next weekend?

  2. Ur boy is so so cute especially on the last pic.

  3. Hi, it's this Saturday and Sunday. Along with the other weekends of June =)

    Thanks q[o_o]p! There are four pics of him walking up to the camera. I'll post it tomorrow! Heee...


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