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Courtesy of the nice folks from Nuffnang, my family (plus Nora, Mitch, Will, my postman, my cats, my friendly neighbourhood bak kut teh man and get the picture!) and I are going on the Hippo River Tour later today. I bet it'll be fun.

This whole hippo/duck tour got me thinking! You've got the duck tour to cover the waters of Singapore, and the hippo tour to bring you around the touristy spots. I say you need a special tour to bring you around the most "exotic part" of our island! Where else, but the "Las Vegas" of Singapore. Call it Sin City or Vice Central if you want! We're talking GEYLANG baby!!!

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls (please seek parental consent if you are under 18!), I present to you...
The Chicken Tour will bring you around the infamous corners of Geylang. We'll visit the most talked-about food joints, massage parlours and human fish tanks. We'll visit every freaking lorong from 1 to 42, every back alley and every damn budget hotel to inspect their thin walls and roach infested toilets!!

This Chicken Tour will be like none other. Now, I just need to find an investor! Anyone interested??

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