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Mr Personality!

My son knows how to work the camera. When we were out last Saturday, he walked right up to the huge ass camera lens. I'll let the pictures do the talking...


  1. How did you manage to so coicidently have multiple shots of the camera at the same time?

  2. William, if you compare a digi cam to your camera, yours is huge!!! I consider anything that can't fit into my pocket big...

    Anonymous, by clicking the shutter button repeatedly?? It's an SLR camera. You can control the shutter speed, etc...That's how they get good sports pictures. Am I right William??

  3. you can do this on some mobile phones too. these phones have an option where you can take multiple pictures one after another. my phone takes up to 8 shots in a few secs. just thought i'd share that with you guys...

  4. Hi Jac, my wife has that function on her phone too. Her phone calls it "Burst Frame". It's a pretty cool function. She took this awesome picture of my son and bubbles a few months ago...

    Oh yeah, I forgot to mention...We had a photographer cum good friend of mine with us on the trip. He took that picture of my son. Well, as you can tell, he's a damn good photographer. I can't wait to see the zoo trips photographs!

    Yooohoo William!!!!

  5. Anonymous, actually for my Canon 40D there's a burst mode which I can capture images at 6 frame per secs. A lot of cameras, from DSLR to compact digital to cellphone camera have burst mode feature. And Noel is right that some sport photographers use burst mode to capture those winning moment which I did once at Kranji Race Course.

    Noel Ok ok... will do it tomorrow evening and publish on Saturday afternoon. Then also burn on DVD and pass it to you at jbp ;)

  6. Me too...That's one of my fav Hurricane Drayden pics now!

  7. Why are you obsessed with Drayden getting a haircut? I love his hair the way it is!!!


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