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As posted yesterday, I got some ink done at EZ Tattoo. Sah did an excellent job with the waterfall. This tattoo has been four years in the making. Can you believe that?! Back in 2005, we stopped with the outline because it hurt like a freaking bitch! I recently found my balls and today, my sleeve is finally completed. Woooohoooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!

The waterfall and foliage is on my inner right arm. If you have never been tattooed in that area, try pinching that area real hard! Anyhow, the waterfall runs from just below my armpit to my elbow...


  1. hey bro! nice ink done! i think the photo didn't do it justice, i'm sure the colours are much more striking in real life!

    i'm getting new ink soon too! hhaa! the excitement is building! i know ya know what i mean. hahah!

    hope all's well in the Boyd's house.

  2. Wassup bro! We took the picture at night with our mobile phone so it's a little grainy.

    New ink? Awesome bro!!Watcha getting this time round?

    All's good here. Hope everything is alright in New Zealand bro!

  3. the waterfall tattoo look like he just pour the ink on that arm. hoho.

    btw Noel how come you got 2 QUIZ?
    and i done both! haha.

    tkc Noel!

  4. hey! you must try this anesthetic cream called dr numb for painless tattooing and piercing. visit their website! :) it's

  5. to Lavuvu: Hmm, what is that supposed to mean? I think the tattoo rocks. The picture isn't good but the tattoo is worth the pain...

    to Anonymous: I've checked out the cream. It's kinda expensive huh?

  6. hey dude can u tattoo me pissing from e top of the waterfall? pls pls?

  7. Can...why not? What are brothers for? After that, I'll pee all over you. I know you love golden showers!

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  9. Me and my good friend might be getting one each to celebrate the 20th anniversary of our bromance. It could even be a matching one.

    So gay, I know...

  10. Wow...that really sounds gay! But at least you'll be getting inked. It's about time dude!!!


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