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Fresh ink?

Damn! I have been slacking!! My last post was on Tuesday! But seriously, lots have been happening on my end. For starters, I worked the final installment of SOL represents Mambo on Wednesday. I love the good old sound of retro. You know, it brings back some old memories about the carefree days. Ahhhh....

The month of May doesn't look good for business. So yeah, I'm gonna prostitute myself on my blog. If you have an bazaar, event or party that you need to spice up, look no further! I can pretty much guarantee that airbrush tattoos are popular among the old and young. If you are old but young at heart, lagi best! I have never worked an event where nobody is interested in getting a temporary tattoo. With that said, drop me an email ( with the date of your event and we'll work from there.

There's a good chance that I will be airbrushing at AZZUCAR again this month. I'll keep ya'll updated...

I'm gonna shower and head down to Far East Plaza. There's a tiny bit of my upper arm that needs some fresh ink. Have an excellent Friday and Happy Labour Day to all. Big love ya'll!!

(ps: Pictures from my son's birthday party have been online for awhile. Forgetful me didn't post the link. Click here to view the gallery)

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