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Bloody Swine

The Swine Flu outbreak is worrying to say the least. It's funny how the New Paper on Sunday decided that a table tennis player from China marriage was more important than the Swine Flu. I could care about her marriage or the medal she won at Olympics. Forget the fact that she is a Singapore permanent resident, she still had home ground advantage! So yeah, the big article about her wedding didn't interest me at all. It was a big YAWWWWWWWWWWWN!

Getting back to the Swine Flu...It will be a complete disaster if the Swine Flu reaches our shores. SARS was bad enough. It has the capability to be a fatal blow to an already bad economy. Let's just hope the WHO acts fast enough to contain this new virus...

It's nice to see the Mamajuana advertisement (on the left sidebar) doing well. Mamajuana is a product by former World Wrestling Entertainment champion and werstler John "Bradshaw" Layfield. It is an excellent product that is doing rightfully well in the United States. By Layfield Energy, Mamajuana Extreme is a non-alcoholic 2 ounce shot that will rock your world. Simply put, it is an energy drink that can do wonders for your sex life. As Layfield would say, it's great sex in a bottle!!!

Tonight, I'm meeting up with two old friends that are back in town. Back in the day, we used to do some serious drinking. We'll start at eight in the evening and we'll end at six in the morning. After which I'll go to school. We'll do this every fucking day of the week. No prizes for guessing how I did in school.

I can't wait to see catch up with Shiva and Sukhdeep. It's been way too long!!! We are meeting up at the same old coffeeshop that we used to drink at. My crystal ball predicts a shit load of beer tonight. Amen to that. Later folks!

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