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We all know that sex sells. No matter which part of the world you are at, the red light district is always booming, even here in conservative Asia! But before you go on reading, let me assure you that this page has got nothing to do with sex. Well, not directly anyway...

I have been a Passion affiliate for almost a year now. The past ten months and a half has been nothing but fantastic! That's the reason why I decided to publish this page. When you find something good, it's worth sharing with the internet community. Like many, I have gone through many affiliate programmes and I ended being disappointed most of the time.

So ladies and gentlemen, I urge you to sign up with Passion. The pay-out rate is one of the highest you will find on the internet. In fact, I made US$324 (after clicks and buy-outs) last month alone. And that wasn't one of the good months. Imagine what my good months are like! Before you go WOW, I'll like to mention that you will need to do your fare share of work before you will see the results. If you are ready to work hard, let's continue...

Here is the first step to making quick good money online. Sign up as a Passion affiliate, by clicking here. Once you are done signing up, come on back here and I'll explain what you'll need to do...

Now that you have an affiliate account with Passion, all you need to do is to promote the various links that have been assigned to your account. Here are some ways you can start promoting instantly...

1) If you have a blog or website, place the banners you will find under the 'Promotional Tool' tab at strategic locations. The top of the page or sidebar are the best locations for a blog or website.


2) Write a post on your blog about meeting new people and include your affiliate link for your readers to click and sign-up.

3) Post your links on dating forums. The more clicks you have on your affiliate link, the more money you will make!

4) Get your contacts to sign-up! If you have a good network going on Facebook or Myspace, send them a message and do whatever you can do in your capacity and convince them to sign-up with Passion. The keyword for your messages should be "It's free to join".

5) The most effective way to make good money with your affiliate account is to post your links on Classifieds. Make sure you target online dating classifieds. There are thousands of men and women all over the world that are either looking for sex or a lifelong partner every second of the day. That's madness right?! Imagine the amount of clicks you are missing out on just because you are reading this article!!!

There you have it folks, this is my honest assessment of Passion and I hope you will enjoy the same success that I've had with them. Good luck in making money and god bless!

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