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Numbing cream that works

If you are looking for a tattoo numbing cream that REALLY works, look no further folks. Here's a cream that has been used by millions of people all over the world. It isn't just a tattoo numbing cream. Hell no! Read on...

Can it be trusted?

Emla is the world’s most widely used dermal anaesthetic cream with over 200 million people been effectively treated with it. It has been used over the past 20 years to numb the skin prior to a variety of procedures including needle insertions, circumcisions, blood tests and minor surgical procedures e.g. the removal of skin cancers and warts.

In fact, you can get it right here in Singapore. There is a pharmacy at Far East Plaza that has it over the counter. They sell it in tiny little tubes. Emla is also listed on MIMS Singapore. Further proof that Emla is a trusted brand can be found on this National Skin Centre Singapore page.

How do I use Emla before my next tattoo appointment?

Well, the best is to ask your favourite tattoo artist. He or she would be familiar with the use of numbing creams. Your artist could help you to apply the cream too. Remember to ask nicely ya! Ok, the cream should be applied in a thick layer and covered with clear plastic wrap with the edges taped around the wrap. REMEMBER, this should be done 45 minutes to an hour before your tattoo appointment!

For more information on Emla, visit

Update: You'll be glad to know that I recently blogged about a new numbing cream that is specially formulated for the use on tattoos and piercings. While its exclusively available in Singapore, they do offer international shipping.

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  1. Thatk's for the information! Hope it really works!

  2. No probs buddy...I've seen a few people use this. Apparently, it helps numb the area for an hour or so...

  3. i used tattoo should be like only an hour but it took three hours to finish it 'cause i have to apply the cream every after 45 sucks and the pain is much greater when the numbing cream already lost it's effect.

  4. Thanks for the feedback 'anonymous'. I guess to each his own? Some medications work for some but it doesn't work for others.

    I remember waking up while having nose surgery. The surgeon freaked out! There I was wide awake and they were halfway into the surgery.

    They said it was the first time it has happened to them. So yeah, the drug they gave me, didn't work as well as it should have...

  5. Dear Noel ,

    I intend to buy emla cream overseas but then i see your page .

    Could u tell me where exactly is the pharmacy at Far East Plaza that sells emla ? (cos i am pretty new here in singapore ).Could i get it from others pharmacy ?

    Many thanks .

  6. Hey there, I'm not sure if other pharmacies sell it here. There are two Guardian pharmacies in Far East Plaza but only the one on the 1st floor sells it.

    It's on the right hand side of the mall and you should be able to see when you walk up the stairs.

    Here are the contact details...

    Far East Plaza (level 1)
    14 Scotts Road
    #01-15 Far East Plaza
    Singapore 228213
    Tel: 67348317 Fax: 67348317

    Operating Hours
    Mon - Sun: 9.00am - 10.00pm
    & P/H

  7. Can u please tell me the price of emla in singapore??

    Coz i am overseas now and i need to know if its cheaper here or in singapore.

    Please tell me asap cos i m leaving in 2 days.Thanks .

  8. It costs S$77 in watson or guardian of imm .Guardian no need a prescription .watson u hav to buy 5 or else you have to buy elsewhere

  9. Hi Le, thanks for giving Rogue the information. It's probably cheaper back home huh Rogue?

    Also, they only sell them in 5g tubes here in Singapore.

  10. i forgot include the quantity S$77 is for 25 gram (5gr*5 /tube ) .For 1 tube (5 gram ),it costs ~ S$14.

  11. It is cheaper in sg, coz i bought one 30g tube at ard $88.
    If 1 x 5g tube=$14, 30g=$84
    So $4 cheaper.haha
    Le, i dont get it.
    S$77 is for 25 gram (5gr*5 /tube ) .For 1 tube (5 gram ),it costs ~ S$14.
    So if i buy 5 x 5g tube, shldnt it be $70.
    Thanks for ur info.

  12. Anyway, do you guys know of other brands of numbing cream thats cheaper?

  13. @rogue : i think because of the occlusive dressing is included if you buy 5 ,that's why it costs S$7 more...

    1 tube of 5 gram it costs ~ S$14

  14. Thanks for all the great information again le.

    Rogue, that's the only numbing cream that is available in Singapore without a prescription.

    I've heard of some people that have visited their general practitioner (GP) and gotten an injection. All they did was to tell their doctor that they are getting tattoo and they can't take pain well. The doctor gave them a jab that numbed the area for a good 2 to 4 hours.

    The downside is that you'll have to rush down to the studio to get inked and your artist must start the tattoo session ASAP.

    Which part of your body are you getting the tattoo?

  15. Hi.. I am thinking of gettiing a tattoo on my back but I am afraid of the pain as the tattoo I'm getting is using those traditional needle kind instead of machine.
    Happen to read your blog, not sure if this cream works..

  16. Hi Gal. I got a traditional tattoo done in Thailand and I thought the pain isn't quite as bad as the standard machine. However, my then girlfriend at the time thought the pain was worse.

    I think with any numbing cream, it only works for a short period of time. Traditional tattoos generally take a longer time to complete. My advice would be to get the EMLA cream if you really need it and leave the rest to your mind and body. Be sure to have enough sleep/rest prior to your tattoo session and a good hearty meal. Both these points help a great deal...

    Which part of the world are you getting this tattoo done?

  17. Sorry for the late reply... I'm still thinking about getting the tattoo.
    I will be doing it in Singapore by Thailand master..
    So it it ok/possible to apply the cream before getting the traditional tattoo done?? I don't think i can take the pain, by seeing how it is done really freak me out. haha

  18. Hey...the good thing is that you won't feel much if you get tattooed by a Thai Master. There's a ritual that goes on before the tattoo right? If this is a religious tattoo, I would suggest that you avoid applying the numbing cream. Go with the flow and enjoy the experience.

  19. Hey Noel,
    Got a question for you buddy. How does this pain feel like? I heard it like a cat scratching on a dried skin or something but thought to pick your thoughts on the same. Since its my first time, I was planning to take it on my arm. Also was planning to take image based on the Cross. Can you pls suggest some improvisations on this for the tattoo. Ideally, I would like the theme be a motivation one.
    Thanks Shine

  20. I hate it, it hurts :-( to me it feels like what you described, a cat digging its claws into your skin over and over again.

  21. It's painful but no pain no gain.

  22. yes it's all true Emla is very effective anesthetic painkiller that give instant relief. It is recommended in most of the hospitals and medical clinical to practice on patients..Thank you for awaking us.......

  23. i freak out around needles and I need a hepatitis B vaccine for my attachment. Will emla numb the skin long enough for the vaccine? totally freaked out.

  24. I am totally freaked out by needles but I need this Vaccination for my attachment. Will emla numb it?

  25. Hi all,
    I just bought EMLA Cream 5% yesterday.
    The Guardian Pharmacy at Far East Plaza has moved to Scotts Square (2 buildings away) No. 6 Scotts Road #B1-21/22 Singapore 228209.
    Cost: SGD 18.47 for a 5g tube.

  26. LATEST UPDATE as of 04 July 2013

    Hi guys,

    I bought 1 EMLA cream 5g tube at a Unity Pharmacy last night.

    You need not go to the Guardian at Scotts Square just for the cream as it is available at every Guardian or Unity pharmacies so long as it has a pharmacy section. The only drawback is that they need to take down your particulars, just like dental chewing gum.

    Cost at Unity: S$15.72 per 5g tube
    Cost at Guardian: S$18.47 per 5g tube

  27. btw, it's also available at Watsons in Ion Mall. I think it's B4 floor.
    Got it at $15.50 a tube :)


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