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Service Service SERVICE!

That's something I used to hear every night when I was working at this club along Scotts Road. Even on my off day, I'll get Service Service Service sent to my mobile via text message. You know what? That man that repeated those three words every night couldn't have been more right!

Along with Ann, we spent yesterday in town buying stuff for her new orders. Other than Spotlight and Aussino, we experienced bad service everywhere we went. Here's the thing I don't understand. Why is it so damn hard to smile? Or even say hello or goodbye. After all, we did spend money at their store.

I once thought of starting a blog that would shame those that are guilty of bad service and bring glory to those that are on top of their game. In the service industry, it is essential that every customer walks away feeling good. Even if a customer doesn't purchase anything this time round, there's a mighty high chance they'll come back for more. It doesn't matter if the customer has a bad attitude, he's still contributing to your salary.

Last night I had a meeting at Clarke Quay. I must say that Azzucar looks like a nice place. Then again, I was there before they opened their doors to the public. Also, Bellini Grande is a beautiful club. I'm totally digging the red decor. Dennis Foo has done an excellent job with the place and he sure looks unbeatable right now. He has 12 outlets under his wing and I seriously doubt anyone will be able to top that anytime soon.

Good service doesn't start and end in the nightlife industry. As long as a person is in the service industry, it is their duty to ensure that every customer walks away contented. I hear that Singapore is miles away from Taiwan when it comes to the service industry. That's sad considering the resources we have at hand. We can either blame the employers or blame the employee.

Let me end this post about this hawker that sells fishball noodles. One afternoon, Ann and I were having lunch at this food centre. We both had mince meat noodles. This hawker must have been observing Ann picking out the bean sprouts one by one because the next time I ordered food from his stall, he asked, "Brother, your wife mee pok less chili don't want bean sprouts right?". I answered "Fuck bro! How the fuck did you know that?!". Though we ordered food from another stall, he bothered to observe what we liked and didn't liked. Now that's service!

Oh yeah, have a bloody Good Friday!


  1. True bro..Taiwan ppl greet u every fucking time u enter the store.By the way, what time were u at Bellini's? I was working like 2 doors down.

  2. hi noel,

    i truly understand that man. i became the no.1 fan of this nasi padang stall at my workplace aft i made a remark that i prefer my egg yolk soft in the middle. she remembered that the next time i drop by & was so sweet to take the trouble to dig one or me. and i was like, amazed coz it wasnt often i go to her stall anyway.

    and another time i was at starbucks, the dude manning the counter made me feel like i was talking to a robot, he didnt made any eye contact with me, didnt return my smiles and didnt utter a word when i said THANK YOU to him. a customer saying thank u to him lei...special or not? the only time i got a reaction from him was when he wasked me,"& how do i address u ma'am?" my reply was,"ur highness would be great." i swear i saw him smile a little but my friend who was there with me said it was more like a smirk. but watever. at least it shows that he's human after all. lalala

  3. To Crazyrazormonkey: Yeah bro! That's exactly what I heard. I'll love to visit Taiwan someday... I was at Bellini's at 7.30pm. Walked around the place and I left. I'll be at Azzucar on the 17th. I'm working an event there from 11pm to 2am. Where are you working at bro?

    To Atot: That's awesome service huh? Folks that remember what you like and don't like are the bomb!!

    That happened at Starbucks? Their service is normally pretty good. I haven't had a bad encounter with them YET.

    Hahahaha...your highness huh? Heee...

  4. I'm at up with you then..will be working ard that time..oh yah..please wish Drayden a happy birthday..thanks bro

  5. Ahhh...I walked pass the coffeeclub that day. I'll try to swing by later to say heelloooooo! Later bro!


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