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Away till Tuesday

I'll be away till Tuesday. It's my son's birthday tomorrow and we are throwing at party for him this evening at this colonel bungalow we rented. Yaaay!!! My little man turns ONE!!!!!

I'm so tired that it's not even funny. Ann and I haven't slept since yesterday. We finally finished with the birthday cake, yep, we baked our own cake. We have not one but four birthday cakes for Drayden. I ain't kidding! I'll tell you about it when I'm back on Tuesday.

Till then, take care as always and watch what you eat in Singapore! God bless!


  1. hope the party was awesome bro!!!!

    hope the little one had heaps of fun! same goes for the adults. haha!

  2. The party was good bro. I'm still recovering from it. Fuck, I'm getting old! Reckon the adults had more fun with the alcohol and children toys. Pity you weren't in town...


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