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Back from Dray's Party

First up, I'll like to thank all the friends and family that helped out at Drayden's birthday party. Especially my mom and dad, Vik, David, William, Roger, Nora's mom and Dina. Ann and I couldn't have thrown this party without your help. Big love!!

I sincerely hope that everyone that came for the party, truly enjoyed themselves. I love throwing parties and being Dray's first birthday, I wanted it to be memorable for everyone that was invited. Most importantly, we want Drayden to look back at the pictures someday and be totally blown away. Even with eight years of event management under my belt, there were still hiccups. Nothing big just stuff that made me go HMM... We'll just have to make sure it doesn't happen next year.

On a side note, we planted the 'onion and chili thingy' on Saturday night. Big love to Remy for driving us down that night. With his help, we made sure it didn't rain on Sunday. I reckon it was one of the few days this month where it didn't rain much in Singapore. Pheeew!!!

We left the chalet/huge ass bungalow on Monday instead of yesterday as planned. We Boyd's don't like being spooked! Actually, it was Ann's call to check-out yesterday. So yeah, the bungalow had non-human occupants as well. What do you expect from a house from the World War II era? Well folks, I'll blog about it in the next post.

As for the birthday pictures, we'll get them on Saturday. I'll post them asap aite?

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