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Aloha Changi Fairy Point Chalet 5

Fairy Point chalet 5 is a huge ass bungalow. It's smaller than Fairy Point 7 but it's still big. I know some may argue that ghosts don't exist. To each his own right? I for one can swear upon my grave that I have felt them, seen them and even had one follow me home. Or so I was told...

When we decided to have my son's birthday party at Fairy Point 5, we discussed the possibility of the place being infested with the supernatural world. We came to the conclusion that since we weren't gonna disturb them, they'll likely leave us alone. If you are hoping to read about furniture being moved across the hall or a friend being possessed by a spirit, you will be disappointed. Sorry!

But this is what I can tell you... My mother heard children's voices in the ungodly hours of the morning. Ann heard a large group of people talking in the bedroom when I was asleep. How did I sleep through it? I was high as hell if you must know. Hahaha... My buddy William heard people talking outside his room in the early hours of the morning too. He came out thinking I was outside but nobody was there. As for me, I was having my last smoke for the day at the window when I saw a dark figure looking at me from the drive way. I turned away twice and looked down and that bloody thing was still there!!! As high as I was, I knew that wasn't a good thing and cut my smoke short.

The next day, Drayden was in a cranky mood. Every little thing made Dray either cry or fret. I asked Ann a few times if she wanted to stay and each time she said no. In the end, we decided that it wouldn't be a good idea to be alone in this bungalow. Our little man means the world to us and his safety is more important than anything else.

Aloha Changi Fairy Point Chalet 5 is a fantastic venue to hold a party. It was awesome when we had all the guests for company. Next year we'll do it on a Saturday and hopefully more people will be able to stay over. As they always say, the more the merrier...


  1. wohhh.. unseen n uninvited guest.. must be some party huh...

  2. you know, you kinda made me think twice about having my birthday at the changi chalets this year.

  3. to Soul Searching: was their house and we invited ourselves in. So it's all good...

    to Shyanne: Don't think too much about it. I guess it will be ok if you have lots of friends staying over. Just think happy thoughts! =)

  4. shy, just make sure lotsa friends stay over, and you'll be fine.

    ours was a weird situation cos it was only noel, dray and i, and then his folks and vik and william.
    6 (and a half) people in that huge ass bungalow! maybe thats what contributed to the creep meter.

  5. Fuck lah, just do it at your place.

    Walking to that godforsaken place from Changi Village was no fun!

  6. could have taken a cab to the door front! Who the hell asked you to walk in? Lucky you didn't see no ghost dude!!!

  7. Hey there, do you have any more pictures of Fairy Point Chalet 5, like the rooms and interior ? I'm going to have my 18th birthday party held there in the late dec, would wanna know more abt the place. Thanks ! And awesome blog btw (;

  8. Hi Hongling! We didn't take pictures of the room. It was a pretty hectic day. The pictures are on a CD but I'm not sure where it is.

    Try looking at the pictures at the links below. It's kinda small but I hope you can make them out...

    I hope this helps and you'll have an awesome birthday. Gonna check out your blog now...

  9. Hey! thanks for the pictures ! That did helped alot (;

  10. You're welcome Hongling! I hope you enjoy your birthday party. Just to play safe, try to get lots of people to stay over yeah. And plant onions & chilies too! =)

  11. HAH, I just got back home from that same Chalet that you stayed in. And oh boy, trust me. We difintely had 6 uninvited guest there. Apparently after the whole chalet ended we realized that there was 3 banana trees there. We were all freaked out by the second night. We had extras joining us during our game of hide and seek. We also had some one peeking from behind the banana tree. AND we also had someone hiding under the empty space under stairs behind the bunch of chairs.

  12. Hi Noriyuki! There's definetly something going on in that bungalow chalet. I think the Japanese occupation had a big part to play. I reckon the cleanest chalet there would be Changi Cottage. Lee Kuan Yew used to use the bungalow for retreats and meetings and I'm sure the place has been blessed and cleansed over and over again!

    What makes you say there were 6 uninvited guests?

    Next week, we will be at Seafront Chalet D. We scouted the place last week and it feels pretty good. :)

  13. Well, apparently now we found out that one of the First day pictures we found that someone was standing behind the stairs and we asked everybody who was there if they stood behind the stairs on the First day. Apparently nobody was even near the back of the stairs on the First day. The odd thing is that, in the picture the person stood in the same position in two consecutive pictures.

    On the second night someone had a brilliant idea to play hide and seek and during that hide and seek. One of the girls heard a giggle in the bedroom beside the master room and my friend and I were apparently hiding in that room too at that same time but we didn't hear any giggling and neither did we giggle. We were sooo quiet that we could even hear ourselves breathing.

    Another incident that happened that same night was the room at the end. Apparently 3 people were hiding in that room. 2 were under the bed and 1 somewhere behind the door I think. 1 of them who was hiding under the bed and the one behind the door got caught. So Lavin, my friend was the only one left in that room. According to him he was someone come back into the room BUT TWO people left the room after that. We checked with his story with the two people who got caught first and according to them no one else went back into that room.

    Eleanor hid bravely in a small room under the stairs and slightly left the door open. She said she saw a white package and after the game when all of us checked it out, we saw no package just a flower like thing at the front of the door. And went my friends shut the door after opening, they heard a loud and specific thud coming from the inside of the door.

    The basin int he kitchen was also facing the trees outside right, one of my guys saw someone peeking from the back of the tree numerous times and somehow a few of us noticed that he kept staring outside.

    So what I heard, Biggin Hills is pretty haunted too.

  14. The photos sure sound spooky! Have you tried zooming in and playing with the brightness and contrast?

    I think the whole damn area has ghosts. The place is rich in history and the Japanese soldiers killed soldiers and civilians in the area. The bungalow chalets were once property of the British forces and that's where their high ranking officers stayed. God knows what happened in these bungalow...

    Thanks for sharing your experience. =)

  15. I've been there! Well, didn't see anything but every corner of the house felt spooky. ESPECIALLY THE TOILETS!


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