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All about food...

I wanted to blog yesterday but laziness got the better of me. You know how it feels when you're having the flu right? It's fucked up! The body ache is fucked up and my nose is bloody sore after one day of sneezing. I spent the whole day lazing in bed and practically not doing anything useful. Though I did talk to a friend over the phone about his itchy balls. What a conversation we had. Hah!

I'm not gonna talk too much about the Geylang Serai food poisoning saga. I think 'WE' Singaporeans should not speculate (I'm talking about the aunties and uncles here) about how the food was contaminated and this whole thing has got NOTHING to do with race or religion. The food stall in question is excellent according to Makansutra and shit happens sometimes. Let's wait for the lab report before anything else is said...

The food business is indeed tricky. If you put cooked meat next to uncooked meat, there is a high chance that your cooked food could get contaminated. I watched an episode of Kitchen Nightmares the other day and that happened at a restaurant Gordon Ramsey was at. Needless to say, Gordon went ballistic! You don't want to make this guy mad!! If you have yet to watch Kitchen Nightmares, it is available on It's a fantastic show for anyone that plans to own a restaurant someday.

Gordon Ramsey is so passionate about his food that he goes mad when he meets another person who isn't as passionate. The thing is, why start a restaurant when you aren't passionate about food? The cool thing about Kitchen Nightmares is that most of the restaurants you see on this show, have cut corners because their business is bad. Trust me, what goes on behind the scenes is shocking!!!

Most of you know that I have been longing to have my own restaurant. That will happen when my financial situation gets better. I have been working on this restaurant project for the last four years. I am a believer that dreams will come true and I ain't going anywhere till it finally happens!

Speaking of which, let me tell you about a friend that had his own restaurant. When he first opened for business, people were raving about the food. The service was good and the food was excellent. Everything sounds good right? Well, to own a restaurant is one thing. Given the means, anybody could do that, even a fucking jackass! But to be the boss and ensure that your kitchen is running smooth and that your floor staff isn't fucking up is another thing. This guy would be sitting at his restaurant with his bunch of friends and not see that!

I tried advising him on many occasions. Each time, he brushed me off like I was a freaking fly. But when business went downhill, he called me up asking for advise. I met him for a beer and we talked about things. Long story short, I advised him on things he was doing wrong and how he should overcome certain problems. I am not an expert in the restaurant business but sometimes all you need is common sense!! If your server doesn't know what goes into a dish, he should be educated. If your chef has a poor work attitude, it's either you fuck him up or your food will never be consistent. And that my friends, is one of the worse things that could happen to a food business!

I don't know if I was talking to a brick that night or to a person that didn't give a damn about what I had to say. His restaurant closed six months after that conversation. That's a shame I tell you...

Man...I have gone on and on haven't I? It's time I end this post. Ya'll take good care wherever you are and god bless!


  1. can i juz ask which episode is dat? thks.

  2. Hey Dade, it's Kitchen Nightmares: Season 2: Episode 6: Hannah & Mason's.

    Here's the link to part one...

  3. hey noel

    this has nothing to do with the entry you posted. but i just want you to watch this lah!


  4. you can watch it all on ovguilde. Jimmy 2 Sticks @

  5. Thanks Ratnah, I'll go check out the video now.
    ps: I voted for your girl! Heee....

    Wassup Rob! Thanks for the link...


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