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WWE Superstar Randy Orton

Oh man, Wrestlemania XXV is just hours away. I'm so damn excited. I plan to watch Wrestlemania live via webcast. I'm sure it's gonna be one heck of an experience!!

To celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Wrestlemania, here's a look at Randy Orton's (real name: Randal Keith Orton) tattoos. Randy Orton had a tattoo on his left arm which read "USMC" for United States Marine Corps but covered it up after receiving a bad conduct discharge from the service. He was sent home after serving thirty-eight days in a military prison. Well, Randy and I do have something in common then. Only, I didn't tattoo SAF on my arm. Thank god for that!

Anyhow, I wish the pictures below were better. Randy hasn't done any 'tattoo shoots' so please bare with the pictures...

The Legend Killer, Randy Orton

He's gut a bunch of skulls on his right hand and a colored rose on his left forearm...

On his left hand near the elbow, you'll see a dove among the enormous amount of black and grey work...

Just above his right elbow is a script. Not sure what it says but Stephanie McMahon looks damn hot when she's pissed!!

Update 8th April 09: The red rose on his arm is for his daughter Alanna. He has a bible verse, Peter chapter 1 verses 5-6: Be sober be vigilant, your adversary the devil as a lion is waiting to devour you.


  1. i rem when there was a period of time Orton was out of action, then when he came back he had sleeves! when he used to only have the tribal pieces. always thought the sleeves were awesome! i can't rem where i read it, but i think someone on the Net mentioned that he got the sleeve work done at Love Hate Tattoos, aka Miami Ink. haha! something for you to research on bro!


  2. Hmm, Randy Orton did appear on an episode of Miami Ink. But it wasn't to do his sleeves. I reckon he got his sleeves done in his hometown of Missouri...

    UPDATE: The rose on his arm is for his daughter Alanna. He has a bible verse, Peter chapter 1 verses 5-6: Be sober be vigilant, your adversary the devil as a lion is waiting to devour you.

  3. @ jona-tat -- I so love Miami Ink - contacts here:

  4. wow. how did ya manage to find all that out? haha. been looking for ages to find out what his sleeves symbolizes. fantastic research indeed! haha! Well Done i must say man!

  5. Thanks bro! If it was CM Punk or Rey, it would have been a hell lot easier!!! Quick question...are you still in town?

  6. yeah there's quite a lot of info on Rey and Punk on the WWE website under their Superstar Ink section. But that section hasn't been updated in a long while.

    Nah back in kiwiland rolling around with the sheeps and cows now. haha! will only be back end june. studies studies studies man!

    Anyway, Hope Drayden has a fantastic b-day bash! \m/

  7. I keep checking their section but they can't be bothered to update it. WWE isn't too big on tattoos. The wrestlers have to get clearance by management before they get inked. A wrestler down in development got sacked recently because he didn't ask for permission. Fancy that!

    Brother!!! I didn't know you were into sheeps and cows!

    Study hard bro. That's the most important thing now. I'm sure you will agree.

    I'm hoping the rain will fucking stop. If not, Dray's gonna have one hell of a wet birthday party. Heh!

  8. Uwielbiam jego walki jestem jego fanką Sysia z dąbrowy górniczej

  9. omg, i'm telling you now! randy orton is a hot ass! i wish i could meet him, that would be a dream i would really love to have come true! i love all of his moves, he's just got a way w/moving haha. (:

  10. i cant find that verse in the bible..... i want to know the truth please

  11. @ Anonymous (Nov 11): Hahaha! Hopefully you'll get to meet him when the WWE comes to where you're at! I recently read that he's thinking of adding color to one of his arms...

    @ Anonymous (Dec 12): Here is the verse... "Humble yourselves therefore under the mighty hand of God, that he may exalt you in due time"

  12. There is actually understandable reasons for Orton's lack of interest in disclosing his tattoo information. First off on his arm where it is his daughters name, Of course he wants to keep her identity on the down low to prevent ignorant fan attacks. As for the bible verse WWE does not promote pushing religious opinions and prefers not to pay legal prices if they did. I personally like the fact what he hold near and dear to him is in his tats this is a lesson we must all take in get tattoos that you want in 10 years lol anyways he is a righteous family man I am glad is a part of the next step in the legacy of WWE. We need more like him.

  13. The bible verse is correct, I happen to own his recent mattel action figure and the bible verse on his right arm above is elbow is indeed the same verse as the one stated in the article, if you cant find it in the bible maybe you should look better.

    Remember... RKO FOREVER

  14. The Bible verse comes from 2 peter. That's probably why you never found it.

  15. You can find in the KJV Bible and it was wrong chapter and verse. It is 1 Peter 5:8 as in I Peter chapter 5 verse 8.


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