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Vegetarian: Day 01

Yesterday was the first time in my life where I didn't know what to eat. We were at Middle Road getting some stuff and we stopped at this Indian Muslim makan joint for late lunch. Normally I wouldn't have a problem. But being my first day as a vegetarian, I wasn't spoilt for choice.

Everything on the menu had either chicken or mutton. In the end, I had a plain mee goreng. I made sure that Ann told the guy that the mee goreng is for a vegetarian. Let me just say this, I love my mee goreng with mutton. Fuck, I love meat. Period!!

For dinner, I had white rice with an omlette. Tomorrow, I'll have pasta with mushrooms and indian vegeterian food. I can eat indian vegetarian food any day! I guess I will be ok without meat for a week...

Seriously man, I don't have any regrets. I prayed and I hoped that Man United would lose and they did. I'm not gonna break a deal with god. The last thing I want is to be struck by lightning when I step outta the house. God is a very powerful man and I don't plan to mess with mr almighty.

And yeah, Liverpool trashed Aston Villa. Damn did they play well!!! The Reds played outstanding football and the Kop can only hope they maintain their winning streak. I've got a good feeling we'll lift the trophy this season. Let's see what happens...


  1. I can't imagine going vegetarian. Like, you.. I LOVE a good slab of meat. Mmm.

    You know what would be a really yummy meal? Large flat field mushrooms topped with goat's cheese and grilled. mmmm.

  2. dude, egg is not under the V category...but for u, i'll let that pass. hahahha...

    and how is Day 2 man????

    ps : I had KFC yesterday. My thoughts were with you. hahhahahahahaha!!!!!!

  3. to Starryluvly: Yeah man! Nothing beats a good slab of meat. Slurp! The mushrooms sure sounds yummy!!! *DOUBLE SLURP*

    to missbitchalot: Egg isn't?!! When I was in the army, I had a platoon mate who was vegetarian and he either had bread and jam in the morning or plain bee hoon with a hard boiled egg.

    So I always thought that egg is alright. What about cheese and milk? They are from animals too right?

    to Atot: BITCH!!! I LOVE KFC!!!!!!!!!!! GRRRRRRR.....I'll blog about day 2 soon :(

  4. Yup, those huge field type mushrooms are awesome. I think they are the closest you'll get to meat if you're vegetarian. They're quite yummy in a sandwich as well with roasted eggplant slices and roast capsicum. Mmm.

  5. does sound nice. Do you think they sell those mushrooms in Singapore?

  6. I'm not entirely sure - I don't eat those mushrooms often and whenevr I'm back in town I'm usually too busy stuffing my face with local food!

    Maybe try Cold Storage? Or Marketplace in Paragon or Tanglin Mall?

  7. Alrighty...I'll try Jasons and Cold Storage. They better have those mushrooms or I'll never be able to satisfy my new found craving!


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