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Vegetarian: Day 2 & 3

Let's start with some information I just found online. Did you know there a few types of vegetarians? The following is from
Lacto-ovo vegetarian
Lacto–ovo vegetarians do not eat meat but do eat eggs and dairy products (ovo means eggs and lacto means dairy).

Lacto vegetarian
Lacto vegetarians do not eat meat but do eat dairy products.

Ovo vegetarian
Ovo vegetarians do not eat meat but do eat eggs.

Vegans avoid eating any animal products. Vegans do not eat any meat products, milk, cheese, eggs, honey, or gelatin. Many vegans choose not to wear clothes containing animal products, such as leather, wool, or silk, or wear makeup tested on animals.
Is there such a thing as a Lacto-ovo-alkie vegetarian? I am body painting at Zouk later tonight and I doubt I can pass on a bottle of SOL. I love beer way too much to say no...

Yesterday, I had one meal for the entire day. So for dinner, the family and I had grilled eggplant (brinjal), baby potatoes and shitake mushrooms. Ann bought the ingredients and did the cooking. Isn't she a sweetie pie? Boy was dinner yummy! You know, yesterday's dinner was CHEAP! Total cost? $3.85 for four people!!!!

Alright, I'm gonna watch Elmo with Drayden. Have a good Wednesday!


  1. When we were thinking of being vegetarian for a few weeks, we were thinking of being ovo-lacto vegetarians - too hard to give up animal products because not only is it a matter of us loving cheese too much but because it's quite hard to get proteins otherwise.

    That said, I know someone who calls himself a vegetarian but will eat fish.

    On the flip end of the scale, one of Bruce's friends is vegan. She is lovely but a bit hard to cater for. Every time we buy food for her, we have to be really careful reading the ingredients. For example, just getting dip for chips alone was a challenge because so many dips have cheese or milk/cream bases.

    Interestingly though, she's married to a guy who is not even vegetarian.

  2. whoa dude...thanks for the info. guess i'm more exposed to the budhist style where they dont even take onions.

  3. to Starryluvly: Yeah, I get what you mean. Boy do I love cheese! Cheese rocks with almost anything.

    I bought a bag of tortilla chips the other day. Two days back, I was really hungry and needed to munch. Guess what? Beef stock is listed as one of the ingredients! Imagine that...Total bummer!

    Earlier today, Ann and I had dinner with this lady who is vegetarian. Her husband ain't. So she had a Veggie Delight while she bought for her hubby a turkey foot long. I thought that was pretty cool.

    to Atot: You are most welcome my KFC loving friend. Hee...They don't take onions? Why?! It's a vegetable ain't it??

  4. You ever tried smoked cheese? Mmmm. Or... peppered smoked cheese? Or mmm... spiced dutch gouda.

    Damnit, now I'm hungry at work. :(

  5. actually, i prefer Mac. but somehow that day, i kinda decided that it has been so long since i last had a zinger. it was YUMMY dude...and those crispy chicken skin....wah lao. (see wat a bitch i am coz u're still in "confinement") ha ha how many more days to go????

    anyway, according to my friend, the buddhist consider onions as a "living thing" as the onion family can be considered "hollow vegetables". they can also kinda arouse some negative feelings in human, something like that. so its considered NG for monks.

  6. to Starryluvly: Yeah! I love smoked cheese!!! Yet to try peppered smoked cheese or dutch gouda. It must be awesome huh?

    Nothing beats a good cheese sandwich or a cheese platter. Now I'm hungry too!

    What's your favourite cheese?

    to Atot: Macs is good. Very very good. Their fries totally rock! Let's not get started on the Double Cheeseburger and Big Mac. In fact, Ann and I eat so much Mac, we deserve a loyalty program from them...

    Have you tried KFC crispy chicken with plain white rice? Sedap man!!! Ann was the one who introduced me to it. It's damn bloody good!!! KFC should give the option of having rice instead of coleslaw. I'll choose rice any day!

    I totally agree. YOU ARE A BITCH! I've got a few days left. It officially ends on Monday morning. I think I'll have nasi briyani for lunch on Monday. SLURP!

    Thanks for the Buddhism-onion thingy. I never knew till you told me. I guess it does make sense. Funny enough, when I think of onions, I'm always reminded of the practice where they use an onion and a chili to ward off the rain. Heee...

  7. My god it's so hard to pick a favourite!

    I love the peppered smoked cheese, goat's cheese, feta and white castello. As for the peppered, smoked cheese, I didn't even realise it existed either until I came across it at the deli the other day.

    I'm not the biggest fan of blue cheese/brie but I'd give anything a go!

    Oh and if you love cheese, Jones the Grocer at Dempsey has a cheese room you might want to check out. hehehe.

  8. I love feta too! Never had goat's cheese before. I bet it's super duper yummy!

    I tried peppered smoked cheese. Can't quite remember where though. But it sure was yummy!

    I don't quite like blue cheese. I admire those that enjoy it. It's just not my thing.

    There's is a grocer at Dempsey? Damn! I didn't know that. I thought Dempsey only had restaurants and bars. Is it expensive? I'll go check it out when I'm in the area...

  9. Jones the Grocer is slightly upmarket - it's a cafe with an attached deli/grocer/specialty food store.

    Oooh and if you like mozarella, you might like baby bocconcini. So yum. It's not in the cheese room but in one of the refrigerated shelves outside.

    Also, they have these really yummy bear shaped biscuits - "My Favourite Bear Biscuits" by Artisan Foods. Really expensive but I really love them and I usually find that one is enough to satisfy by sweet tooth.

  10. Thanks for the webby sweetz! I'll go check them out now. You've got me in this crazy mood for cheese!!!!!!!

    I swear I'm going crazy!


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