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A letter to God

Dear God,

I pray that you give the Fulham squad the courage and strength to beat Manchester United tonight. Give them the motivation to outwit, outplay and outclass Manchester United, just like what we did last week. Seriously god, I think it would be impossible for any team to match Liverpool's victory but do let Fulham win by a goal or two. Come to think about it, a draw could do some serious damage too!

God, if you do me this favour, I would be more than happy to do something in exchange. Since I don't have a religion, I can't promise to worship you. I won't tell you that I'll quit smoking because I've done that way too many times. Let's see...How about I become vegetarian for a week? You know how much I love meat right? I love my pork, chicken and beef!!! So for me to turn vegetarian for a week, it would be a total bummer! But, I am willing to sacrifice for my beloved team.

Alright God, that's about it. If anything, you know where to find me. Take care and see ya around.

Yours truly,

Noel Boyd

Update: 22nd March, 1.05AM

There is a GOD! 2 red cards and after 2 goals, Fulham won 2-0!!!! Wooooooohoooooo!!!!!! Now, I've got to go vegetarian for a week. That can't be fun. Fucking hell....


  1. haha. enjoy eating all the veggies bro. \m/

    your wife must be real down after the Blues lost to Spurs. what the hell. blew their chances. dammit.

  2. Hahaha...thanks bro! It's gonna be one hell of a green week.

    You're down too rite? Aren't you a Chelsea fan too?! Everton lost too. Wooohoooo!

  3. vegan? this is damn funny. lol :-)

  4. oh no!!! Noel is turning into a cow.

  5. interesting cow.
    hey noel, keep us posted yah?

  6. to Anonymous: I'm glad you are amused! =)

    to William: That makes two in the family!

    to Atot: Thanks babe! You think I'm a cow too?! Grrr...


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