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My Idol Prediction

Around this time last year, I made a prediction that David Cook would win American Idol season 7. Well, I was right wasn't I? Three years ago, I rooted for Taylor Hicks and the Soul Patrol won. Who am I rooting for this year?

I just love Danny Gokey. This guy has brillant vocals and we have yet to see him perform at his best. Which is good in a way. The longer he stays in the competition, the better he'll get. As a home viewer, that works well for me.

I've got to give it up for our asian boy Anoop Desai! 'Always on my Mind' he sang tonight, is one of my favourite songs. This song by Brenda Lee (I love the Willie Nelson version) moves me all the time and Anoop scored full marks for his rendition. To sum it up, He's a decent boy with a good voice. Let's hope America keeps him in the competition...

Every singing competition needs a rocker. This year we have Allison Iraheta to fill in that spot. Listening to her sing and rocking the stage, it's hard to believe she's sixteen years old. She owns the stage each time she performs, that's vital for any performer. Her version of 'Heart' blew my wife and I away. I predict she'll be in the final 6...

Let's talk about Adam Lambert for a bit. I'm not a fan but he does have the goods. There has been lots of talk about Adam on forums and blogs over the last two weeks or so. TMZ.com first posted pictures from Adam's past and that started the worldwide bitching. But who really cares if Adam is gay?! This is a singing competiton and not 'Who is Straight or Gay'!!!

Lastly, Megan Joy is another contestant I like. Besides the awesome tattoo she sports on her right arm and her bigger than life chest, I reckon she'll be a perfect pin-up tattoo model should her music career not work out for some strange idiotic reason. She's cute to watch and she reminds me of Duffy. So really, what's there not to like?!

Did you know there is a porn actress that's also called Megan Joy? Don't ask me how I know these things. I just do! Megan Joy from the porn industry, has big boobs too. It must be in the name...

Well, here is my Idol prediction...Danny Gokey will be the next American Idol. Only time will tell...


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