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Red & Proud

Finally we've managed to shut some people up! It's one thing to have beaten Man United at Anfield, but to trash them in their backyard? Life just got sweeter! First we TRASHED Real Madrid 4-0. Last night we showed the football world just how to demolish the red devils. Fergie can bitch all he wants about Man U being the better team last night and Rooney can hate the Reds. But at the end of the day, two numbers matter most...



  1. WooHOO!!!4-1!!I was at Clarke Quay working & watching the match!!Liverpool might not win the EPL but they whip man u ass inside out..i'm just waiting for the day that the jose mourinho takes over liverpool

  2. Yooouuuuu'll nneeeevvveeeeer waaaaaallllkk alllllooooooonnneeeeeee!

  3. and whats the big deal ah?

    my husband said Man U is still on top. and Liverpool needs 4 more points to outrun Man U.

    seriously babe, what's the big deal?

    my late grandmama once said that it's okay to lose once in a while. it makes one grounded.

    let see how Man U will do when they meet Fulham this 21st March.

    p/s : i am not a fan. i support geylang united. muahahhahahahahhahahahahhahaa....

  4. Cheers to everyone except the Geylang United fan!!! =)


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