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Somewhere over the rainbow...

Don't you just love rainbows? I think rainbows are beautiful. If the news report on CNA is anything to go by, rainbows were seen all over Singapore yesterday. I saw one along Thomson Road and when I reached Tanglin, I saw another. Then again, it might have been the same one. But when I reached Zouk, I saw not one but TWO rainbows. How cool is that?!

They say there's hope at the end of the rainbow...


  1. u going to meet me dats y got rainbow!!! so im ur HOPE! =)

  2. damn i missed it all. yes yes, i'm the rat in the lab. no windows. just cages & those bloody ppl who make me run run run. sheeshhh!!!

  3. to missbitchalot: heee...i need to meet up with you soon. how bout it?

    to angelic nora: Aren't you shameless?! That's what falling in love does to you...

    to Atot: Alamak! How come like that?!

  4. i saw it it too.. manage to get some pics of it.. lovely.. just lovely..

  5. Hahaha...lucky you. Some people actually missed the rainbows.

  6. hahah from where i was.. i dun think anyone wud be missing it cause of the rainbow the jam at pie was terrible.. everyone was basically pointing and looking up not front.. wakakaka


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