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Buffalo Wings at Sunset Grill & Pub

On Thursday, we went to Sunset Grill & Pub at Seletar Camp for dinner. Yep, it's the restaurant that is famous for their buffalo wings. God damn are the wings hot! Hell, it's hotter than hot!! We ordered level 3 and level fifteen. Level 3 suited the ladies and one guy well. We 'MEN' had the level fifteen and it was madness! If that wasn't enough, we ordered level 20 after the main course. That was insane! I can't describe how hot it was! Look at erm pics...

Red HOT buffalo wings

The end result? Tears and perspiration...

Elliot, the dude in red, runs the kitchen at Sunset Grill & Pub. Look him up if you're there...

This is way cooler than my O level cert! What's cooler is that we have our names on their Hall of Flame!

Now, the worse part is the morning after. My ass was on fire! Thank god it's over...

Sunset Grill & Pub
140B Piccadilly, Seletar Airbase

Opening Hours:
Daily: 4pm - 10pm (Closed on Tuesdays)
Tel: 6482 0244

If you need the map to Sunset, drop me an email at


  1. *raises hand*

    i know! i know! i know who was the pansy ass dude who ordered no.3!!!


  2. heard abt this place.. i think being a chilli lover i shud try it out.. hmmm..

  3. to missbitchalot: Hahahahaha... You deserve a prize!!!

    to Soul Searching: You outta babe! You've got a year left before they close due to the aviation hub project...

  4. we've been meaning to go there to try the wings. i think i'll take the bf there tomorrow since it's an off day.

  5. should! Send me an email at and I'll send you the map. You'll need it...


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